21 February 2020

Valentine's Surprise

When I opened my phone on Monday afternoon I got an alert that my photo storage was low. I checked out my feed and noticed some little person (named Josie) had captured over 1,500 photos of herself in the space of 10 minutes. I take quite a few photos, however, I think she outpaced me! Speaking of Josie she finally made a conscious choice to poop in the potty. I started a sticker chart for her to keep track of her successes. Once we get to Idaho and she finishes her chart we will get another kid car. The kids had the best time riding around in the Elsa car, so sad it finally broke. If Justin won't condone a trampoline...then a 12v kid car it is! The past two or three weeks I noticed Josie can be reasoned with right before she throws a tantrum in the store. It is so nice to finally talk her down from her immediate wants and desires. Patience is finally winning. Josie is also weaning off her afternoon naps, she only naps 1-2 per week now when she needs. It sure makes bedtime earlier and easier, boo hoo, I miss MY nap.

Josie and I enjoyed a ladies breakfast at Cari Sue's home. All the kids played in the backyard while the ladies ate scones and fruit. Yum. Josie commandeered the digger toy, she can be ever so bossy when she fixates on something.

I got all the girls these micro fiber hair towels. The littles like to pretend their towels are princess hair. At times Josie will appear wearing her purple towel to preen in the mirror while singing Frozen songs. The weather is warming up to the upper 70s, we are shedding our long-sleeves and pants for cooler attire. Evelyn and Josie pranced about in their ballet attire and Princess shoes several afternoons last week. Evelyn taught Josie some ballet moves. Josie's Sunbeam teachers stopped by to deliver a cute Valentine's Day bag of treats and bubbles. They were treated to a ballet show for their efforts!

Amelia and Zoe were quite busy finishing up their science project. Stress levels were quite high as the girls finished their board. Zoe got super upset at Mia because she did not write the abstract by Wednesday. Zoe withheld the information Mia needed and did not respond to Mia's texts. Amelia and Chloe are obsessed with the Disney movie "Zombies." All day, every day the kids are singing songs from the 1st and 2nd movies. Zoe stormed out of our house because Mia wouldn't stop humming/singing out loud. Friday morning the girls went to school in church attire for their Science Fair interviews and presentations. Mia said her energy was high, right after the last interview she felt like a deflated balloon. I stopped by after school to admire their board and check out the other 7th grade projects.

Phillip came down with a nasty ear infection early, early Thursday night. He had a fever and one red cheek. He coughs so hard and blows his nose so violently I was not surprised he came down with an infection. The pills prescribed were huge horse pills, he swallowed them ok until he choked on one Saturday. He refused to take the pills until I tried crushing the pills then mixing with chocolate sauce. In the time he skipped his medication his other ear flared up into a double ear infection. Ronald has a friend, Owen, who often comes over to play after school. Ronald, Owen, and Everett started hanging out together but leaving Phillip on the outs. Owen and Ronald think Phillip is extra annoying so leave him behind at every opportunity. Breaks my heart to watch the boys dealing with such feelings. I understand both sides, the annoyed and the left out. We are working towards being better friends, kindness wins.

Friday morning dawned...as Valentine's Day! So exciting!!! I usually decorate the coffee table with my Valentine treats. Phillip neglected to put away his Legos after several askings, even a warning about not putting out Valentines if he did not put his toys away. He "forgot" so I "forgot," the other kids were quite upset. Good thing he finished his chore before school started. Josie was so happy to get a baby squirrley Squishmallow. We are obsessed with Squishmallows! So squishy and soft. Evelyn got a baby Francesca and baby demon llama, the same ones she's checked on daily for a couple weeks. The kiddos came home on sugar highs to get more sugar from me. It's not the best tradition we have to stuff sugar into our kids at every holiday. Amelia paired her new baby unicorn, Ezzie Wezzie, with Octavious her octopus. She enjoys walking around the house balancing both squishmallows on her head. Ronald earned his sugar buzz with a sprite spiked with skittles, pixie sticks, and other candies (uber gross). The kids requested homemade spaghetti sauce with pink noodles, warm bread, and asparagus for dinner. We light up the candles for an extra special dinner. For treat we ate chocolate covered strawberries. Yum. After dinner we had a house clean up since someone was coming to look at our house Saturday morning (wink).

Justin completely surprised the kids with a visit. His flight got in around midnight, he grabbed an Uber home. Amelia woke up first and passed our bedroom, several times. She was confused at the large lump in the bed, both girls together did not equal a dad-sized lump. Evelyn squealed when she realized Justin was the lump in our bed. So much laughing and screaming! Josie crawled into bed and snuggled right up for a good while. So nice to have Daddy home for a day. The boys went out on a special errand. They brought back flowers for all the girls. Josie was distraught when Justin left in the truck without her. She was distraught whenever Justin left her presence. We all enjoyed a lovely lunch at Morenos. We went to the I.D.E.A museum for the afternoon. A fun event was happening that day so we got in for free and got to participate in the activities outside the museum. All Justin wanted was some Bon Chon wings, so we went out for dinner as well. I invited Chloe and Ronald just for fun. Amanda met us at the restaurant after her store closed. She footed the bill (without asking) even though we invited her. Chloe and Amelia ran around the restaurant block like crazies chasing after Octavious and Ezzie Wezzie. Sillies.

We loved church with Justin...and Ronald. Justin was able to get part of his temple recommend updated. Josie took a long nap with Justin. We spent a lazy Sunday together. Justin tried to take the kids fishing but the newest kid pole is broken. We had a quick devotional before taking Justin to the airport around 7:30 pm. We all had a wide array of feelings from elation and joy to tears over saying good bye after a short 36 hours.

**One day last week I gave Dog Vader a shower. He was one stanky dog. After he was all clean Josie and I walked him around the block so his fur could dry. Josie was having a grand time running with the leash and dog. Half way around the block she stopped with her chest heaving, "I'm not running anymore, my doggy is super fast!" Sister Broughton has taken to chatting with me several times a week now. She retired a few months ago and is a bit stir crazy and lonely. Josie was playing with Vader while I chatted with Kathy about water storage issues and the tree/wall situation. Vader caught wind of another dog taking a walk. He ripped the leash away from Josie and chased after the dog barking happily. Josie immediately started crying, "My Doggy! My doggy is in big trouble! Please help my doggy, I lub him!" We chased down our runaway. He somehow made it across the busier street without incident. He was sniffing the new dog with a grumble in his chest. Josie was thrilled her doggy was safe. She wrapped him in her favorite blanket and showered him with kisses. Her pleas for help pulled my heart strings. I can still her hear yelling, "My doggy is in trouble! Please help him!"