31 August 2011

We're BEET

Ha, ha. We're beet?! Yep, on more than one level. Saturday was a busy day. Justin had an Elder's Quourm activity all morning then helped the Haley's move the rest of their stuff until 4:30. Only a couple guys showed up to help out so that was a bit frustrating for everyone involved. Saturday night we went to the park for a little while then had ice cream at DQ. Everett started running a fever that evening. I expected a fever after getting immunized. This time it lasted a lot longer than usual with more side effects.

Our first week in nursery was fun. We have 8-11 kids at one time, which is a vast improvement over the 2-3 we used to have. Thankfully another parent decided to come and play with us. Justin held the baby until he fell asleep. Then we had music, snack, lesson, and activity. Phew! Should be interesting to say the least. I plucked a huge beet from our garden.

Monday and Tuesday poor Everett was very sick. He acted like his ears were bothering him so I took him into the DR on Tuesday but they said he looked just fine, except for the constant crying. Monday night he would only sleep if I held him a certain way. It also seemed that even touching him caused pain. My heart strings pull watching the little tyke suffer like that. He is finally acting more normal today. I am starting to feel sick again. Everett and I keep swapping sick germs. Plus a missed night of sleep did not help. My arms are getting buff from toting around a 13 lb kid. Guess we just needed to pay a copay to figure out he was getting better. I started piano lessons yesterday for Traeli. This term I only have two students.

Amelia and Phillip super, duper, pooper love Phillip's new dump truck. Not for dumping but for giving and getting rides. Last night they raced up and down the walks pushing each other. Phillip was not a very straight driver, he kept bonking into the pavers nearly popping Amelia out. It is funny to watch them play together. They also started a funny game at the dinner table. They each take a bite, then yell: "DUUUUUUUUDE!" I am not sure why this is funny but they love it. Phillip suddenly learned how to pronounce the "K" sound. He asks for milK, with a capital K. He asks for Kakalate (chocolate) MILK about 5 times a day.

Today I noticed Everett started bringing his feet up to his chest on purpose! He is pretty close to grabbing his toes. Ella came over to play in the sideyard. We filled up the pool and put our new/old slide (thanks Alison) inside. The kids played and played! I put Phillip and Everett down for naps then went to check on the girls. They both stopped me in the garage saying I would get mad if I saw what they did. That made me pretty curious. They made sand pies! I laughed! They piled sand, grass, leaves, and marshmallows into a bowl and poured water on the concoction. Ella made a special perfume in a spray bottle with grass and water. Next week we start preschool. Yikes! I need to get ready since I am teaching the first week. Today Amelia said, "Mom do you know what bumble bees are? The bumbles are bees... and the bees are bumbles." Perfect sense! LOL.

26 August 2011

Phillip's Day

We had a fun birthday with Phillip. His eyes light up when we sang him happy birthday before Justin went to work. He helped me make cupcakes...more like he got a bath after helping. Ella came over to play most of the day. We had lunch at McDonald's with Justin. He was over the top excited to have lunch with both Ella and Justin. It took him over an hour to finally settle down enough to fall asleep. We played in the sideyard with punching balloons after he woke up. His balloon popped, he carried around the rubber shreds asking me to blow it back up every few moments. The Haley family now lives a block away since their home sale is closing on Monday. They moved into a small rental home until they find a home with property that meets their needs. We are NOT complaining in the slightest! We walked Ella home like old times and hung out for a little while. Ella and Brayden came with us to the park for cuppy cakes, ice cream, and presents. He loves his new huge tonka dump truck, a rescue hero fire truck (that shoots water bullets), a Buzz Lightyear gun, a gyro ball, and a robot bug. Justin said his dream to play with boy toys with a kid in his lap was finally fulfilled last night as he showed Phillip how to work his fire truck. It was pretty cute. We got Phillip to say "I'm two"...it is a bit garbled but those who speak Phillip understand. Happy Birthday big boy!!!

**the photos of Amelia are to showcase a hat I made for Neleigh. I made her three hats but forgot to take photos of them before I gave them away, until yesterday.

Three Months Old


Say hello!! Aren't I just adorable? My dimple is so fetchin' cute it begs for kisses.

I had to capture Everett in his blessing outfit before he outgrew it. I love the contrast of black against cream! This week Everett learned how to laugh. He sometimes laughs when tickled, helped to touch his toes, or when his nose is suctioned. At three months Everett can maintain eye contact, smile, recognize people, bat at toys, suck on his hands, nurse like a champ, and sleep through the night. He is almost ready to transition into Phillip's room. The only thing he does not do that both Mia and Phillip did is to put weight on his legs. It is so strange to stand him up and have him retain no weight on his legs. His favorite things are: mommy, daddy, Amelia, Phillip (sometimes), his monkey binky, bouncy chair, baths, and the play mat. After being sick for 10 days he is not going to sleep by himself anymore. He wants to be snuggled to sleep, who can blame the kid? We are working on that again.

This week I found a used crib and mattress through a friend. The boys room is ready for two. I am not ready! Mostly I cannot wrap my head around having two napping kids on different schedules in one room. Everett usually wakes up between 5-7 am to nurse, I can just see Phillip waking up too when I come to get Everett and not going back down to sleep. Everett also cries a bit when settling down to sleep, so how does that work at 10:30 pm? He really needs his own room. I considered putting Phillip and Mia together but it was a little overwhelming for me at this time to move everything by myself. It is so convenient to have Everett right beside me! I can just roll over at night get him and nurse in bed. That is amazing! He is almost too long for the bassinet now. I just need to try it out and not be so concerned.

25 August 2011

Happy Birthday to Our Phillip Anson


Today is such a special day for our little man. He is two! I feel like we've been in the "2's" for a while now so to actually reach it makes me take a step back. He is growing up so fast. Phillip is one sweet, curious, mischevious, and adorable little boy. He makes the rhyme of puppy dog tails and snails true. Yesterday when I set up my studio to take a few photos of him he got sooooo excited. When I actually let him up on my platform he was about to die of happiness. As you can see he dished out every face and emotion I see most of our days. When I put on his new shirt (yep, made it!) he was stuttering about the cool two on the front. I LOVE how he shows the number two, with one single index finger from each hand.

We went to see Grandpa Doctor on Tuesday. Phillip weighs in at 28.4 lbs, is 33.25 inches long, putting him in the 71% and 31% percentiles respectively. He can walk/run, jump, crawl, roll over, somersault, and climb like a monkey. He is trying so very hard to talk, I understand him about 50% of the time, when he gestures about 90% of the time. Phillip loves to get dressed, brush his teeth, drink chocolate milk, eat snacks, make messes, kiss Everett, annoy/play with Amelia, snuggle with mom, read books, wear hats, play with sticks/rocks/sand, ride his bike, wrestle with dad, and take long baths. He is most often found in my wake putting back everything I just put away.

Goodness, it is so hard to verbalize what Phillip is! He is amazing! He is cute! He is snugly! I love how solid and chunky he is, makes it fun to wrestle him. He has the funniest little personality part goat (garbage disposal), donkey (stubborn), monkey (climber), and chicken (fast). My favorite times of the day is when he first wakes up. I get him some chocolate milk and he snuggles on my lap until the milk is gone. Then he pats my face and goes adventuring. Phillip does hear "NO!" way too often. We need to help him learn boundaries and limits. Thus is the life of an active two year old boy. Just imagine "Pig Pen" and "Linus" and that is a good combination for our boy. Happy Birthday!!! We love you so very much!

21 August 2011

Phillip's Style

Phillip likes to accessorize his outfits...man style. He has no fashion sense...well at least he did match the color of his tie this time. He came out of his room so proud of himself. He grabbed my finger pulling me towards the door saying, "outside, cheese." In translation, let's go outside so you can take a photo of my awesome outfit. What a crack up.

Justin and I were released from our callings as Elder's Quorum President and Primary 1st counselor this morning. We were called to work in the nursery as a couple. Yes! Justin wants to bring bacon and eat snacks for two hours. Should be fun! I also received another short-term calling that will come next week. What do you think of my new table? Yesterday Everett started hacking and coughing, I am getting worried about him. I remember how fast Amelia went from a cold to RSV when she was about the same age. We will be at the Dr's come Tuesday for Phillip's 2 year well-child checkup. I cannot believe he is turning 2 years old on Thursday!
I finally finished editing the 8 photo sessions, blogging them, and making cds for everyone. I bit off a little more than I could chew! That was a lot of work. You can view my recent work: here and here.

20 August 2011

The Never-ending Week


I thought this week would NEVER end. It was long and hard for us all. We started the week off with a great FHE out at the Webb's home. About six families congregated with camping food to share around a fire. The kids were all over the place exploring the animals, the hills, the pond, and such. Amelia even shot a pellet gun with the help of Brother Grunig. She was so happy to shot a gun like dad, but was sad that she did not shoot an animal. LOL. On the drive over she sang "we are almost out of time..." over and over to some tune only she knows. Poor Everett started with a nasty stuffy nose on Saturday, he was happy in spite of not feeling well.

Tuesday I took Phillip and Everett to the DR for Everett's 2nd month well-baby visit. I thought maybe Phillip gave Everett the yucky nose so wanted to treat them both. I also finally showed the DR Phillip's nasty allergic reactions to bug bites. He often has red swollen bites. Everett weighed in at 13 lbs 02 oz, 25 inches long, 35 cm head circumference. He is in the 90th percentile for height, 50th for weight, and 25th for his head. He has a funny shaped head that sort of reminds me of the Nefertiti bust, making hats for the kid is not fun. The Dr put Phillip on Zyrtec and told me to just use saline and humidity for the baby. I hate that colds are no longer treated. It is murder to try to feed a baby with a yucky nose, sleep is just as hard.

The rest of our week is a summation of dealing with sick kids and sick mom. I can barely talk due to a sore throat and stuffy nose. One of the most difficult things about being a mom is not being able to just be sick for a day or two. Instead I walk around on little sleep which stretches my recovery out. When the kids are sick too it makes for crabbiness all around. Our schools are back in session now so Neleigh is not around to help out. She was a great help!

12 August 2011

Happy 50th Birthday Cabela's


Look at those dimples!!! 

Last night we celebrated Cabela's 50th year of business. The company arranged to have a huge party at the fair grounds for over half the city plus those in surrounding cities. We swarmed the fairgrounds by the thousands. Cabela's brought in huge bouncy houses, the National Guard, Policemen, Fire trucks, etc. Even the state governor was in attendance to give a speech. We ate a yummy dinner of grilled meats, beans, potato salad, chips, and drinks. Amelia was begging to go play so we explored the outside games and such. The kids got their first taste of cotton candy. Phillip was not a fan! It was pretty muggy and hot outside. We left early to go clean the chapel. That was a bit frustrating since the cleaning carts and supplies were locked away. We did our best with what was available.

**our new table also came on Wednesday late afternoon! It looks MUCH better than the monster table. I learned a family of 6 kids purchased the huge table for their huge home. One day I will get a photo of the new table. I ordered the first table back in mid-April...it is mid-August now. Four months to get a table? Goodness, gracious.

Driving Home

We enjoyed a rather lazy Sunday with the Lances down in Eagle Mountain. So nice to unwind a bit, I even got a nap! YESSSSS! My amazing friend Sarah came over for an hour that evening to visit for a while. Monday I decided to face the fact that my wedding ring was lost. I misplaced it on Thursday. I'd looked here and there for the past couple days. Freak out mode started when I had most of our stuff packed up and ready for the van, my ring was MIA. After trying to think of possible locations it seemed my ring was removed when I put lotion on Everett after his bath or it slipped off my finger at the park. I finally fessed up to Justin and got some pretty tender text messages from him. He said I was worth more to him than some silly ring. That was nice but I still felt really awful. Add the fact that my car keys (both sets) were misplaced too and I was a basket case. One set of keys were in my jeans pocket...in the washing machine...nice and clean. I grabbed those keys and drove to Mom and Dad's to spend a couple minutes with them. During the drive I remembered where the other set of keys were. Miekka called me a while later to let me know my ring was in the dryer. It was in my other jeans pocket! Phew. I must have put my ring in my pocket while greasing up the baby. Now that all the important stuff was located it was time to get it packed before I misplaced them again.

Mom and Dad were super busy unpacking and organizing all their stuff that came from Jordan on Friday. We sat in the chaos and enjoyed some time with them. I had a lunch scheduled with my awesome friend Casey. Mom offered to watch Amelia and Phillip. Heck, I could not turn that down. Right before leaving Dad decided to dish out some vitamin "L." It's been a long time since I last had a lecture from Dad. My eyes did not roll back this time. He pretty much advised me to not do so much, that having 3 kids is enough work. I do need to look at everything and simplify. That means sewing, crocheting, piano lessons, joy school, photography, and blogging need some scrutiny. Back to the bones! I enjoyed lunch at Paradise Bakery with Casey. Phillip napped on the way home, he was so tired he kept sleeping at Miekka's home too. I packed up the van while he napped.

The kids and I stopped at Courtenay's long enough to say good bye. Court had Amelia try on her cute bandanna aprons. Yep, I have a poser girl. Some ladies from my mission met at Rumbi Grill for dinner. I have not seen some of them for years now. We caught up on the news from "those golden days" over rice and chicken. Amelia and Phillip were mostly well-behaved only running around a little. I enjoyed seeing how much we've all changed over the years as we've gotten married, had kids, and such. Oh, the stories we told! Our time came to a close way too soon. I had the kids get their jammies on in prep for our evening drive to Rock Springs. Amelia needed some help so I reached over Phillip to zip her up and get her belted in. Phillip must have snatched my keys out of my pocket because the next thing I knew the doors closed and the locks snapped with all the kids inside. I watched as Phillip threw the keys on the floor. Oh Fetch!!! The police had to come and open the van. Phillip and Everett cried and cried while Amelia laughed at our antics as we tried to help her get out of her belt. My van was not enjoying getting wrenched open by a long metal rod and air pocket. The policeman would get it unlocked and then it would lock the doors instantly. Talk about nerve wracking. Thirty minutes and many attempts later the van was opened up. Oh, the snot on Phillip's face, even I was impressed. The ladies almost convinced me to stay another night after that stress. Phillip fell asleep within a couple minutes so I kept driving. We arrived to Rock Springs around 12:30 am. Let me tell you, juggling three kids and a bag into the hotel room was a feat worthy of a golden reward. I deserve a star.

The drive home was surprisingly innocuous. The kids all slept from the time we left until a little past noon, meaning we arrived to Laramie in no time. We stopped again in Cheyenne to look for winter clothes at Once Upon a Child, the most amazing thrift store for kids. Love that place. The ladies in the store even offered to hold Everett and entertain Phillip while I shopped. We made it home by 6 pm in time for dinner. We also tailed a nasty storm that trashed my garden with hail, wind, and rain. Dang it! At least the tomatoes were a little protected.

I walked into the door surprised to find a clean-shaven husband. He shaved off his goatee for my birthday gift! Love it! We had a crazy evening settling in and cleaning the sticky van. Even Everett seemed to remember home. He snuggled right into bed with no issues.

Phillip was so happy to be home. He went right back to his curious self. By 11 am the next morning he had: found my mascara, discovered the properties of flour, threw many fits, trashed the basement, and blew snot everywhere. LOL. Welcome home. Oh man, it is so nice to be home.