21 September 2014

Do You Have a Pipes Hole?

Amelia gave a wonderful FHE lesson on the parable of the talents. She taught us the parable then applied the principle by showing us her talent for drawing minions. Then she instructed us all on how to draw one ourselves. Her lesson was amazing. Everett chose rice crispies for treat, we made do with corn flake treats. We sure love our FHE board that helps us decide on weekly responsibilities.

The weather was really, really nice this week. We spent every afternoon at a park after school. My newest strategy is to hang out at the park right after I get Amelia, she does homework in the van, the kids play until I walk up to get Phillip from preschool. Then they play until Mia goes to ballet (across the street) or we go home to fix dinner. Our week of park playing was quite satisfying. Most of the time we had the entire park to ourselves! We visited two new (to us) parks at the baseball fields and at the 3-4th grade school. Everett had poop-cidents at the new parks. I ended up throwing those undies away. Sick-o.

Justin left for Denver after lunch on Wednesday. It was much easier this time around because I had a strategy in place. Wednesday I had 3 photo sessions...on purpose. I set up my studio space, so scheduled the 3 in order to avoid setting it up more than once. I had a 4 month old, a five month old, and a six month old in that order! Annabelle is the 6 month old. Michelle took most of the photos for her daughter, just used my space. She came back that evening, with a much happier baby, for some outdoor photos.

Evelyn modified her downward dog move: she now lifts her hands in the air. It is very exciting. She also got stuck in the toy basket several times this week. I walked into the living room to find her feet kicking in the air, accompanied with violent shrieks. Amelia gave the boys hairstyle makeovers. Everett looked like Alfalfa, with his hair slicked down and a piece sticking up in back.

Madison Grunig hosted a girl party at her house. She even baked her amazing rolls with honey butter. Phillip like the butter so much he slathered a 1/4 cup of it like frosting...and ate the butter...then the roll. Madison introduced us all to some awesome professional cleaning products. I ordered enough industrial cleaning agents for about 5 years.

It was rather HOT on Friday. I filled up the water table for the boys to play with. Phillip dumped all his hot wheels into the water. The boys spent a good two hours playing dirty car wash. After lunch the play soon degraded to other sorts of shenanigans. It all started with Phillip putting his face in the water and whipping it around. Soon he had his shirt off and torso in the water. I turned around again and his bare bum was in the water, his shoes made it hard to get his wet pants off. Soon he ripped it all off and sat like Gollum in the water. I was laughing so hard because it got worse every time I turned around.

We are glad to have Justin back for the foreseeable future. We made a family trip to Walmart. It was a classic trip. Amelia was murmuring loudly, wanting to stay home. Phillip and Everett were terrible backseat drivers. We endured. Eventually the mood improved and moral increased. The rest of the day was quite fun. I started work on the kid's Halloween shirts. They are turning out very cute. Phillip chose a pumpkin with a tongue sticking out, spraying pumpkin spit (that's my boy). I finished making it and he declared he HATED it. Little stinker.

Three funnies this week:

Amelia: Mom, listen to this part of my book. She reads. I laugh. She does not. I ask her why she is not laughing. She responds, "Don't worry mom, I am laughing...in my head...loudly." Gracious, talk about emotion repression already

Phillip: I was at the table with Phillip eating breakfast. I hear him mutter, "pipes." I ask him what he meant by pipes. He opened his mouth, pointing down his throat and said, "Mom these are not my pipes hole...this is my mouth." I was confounded until I remembered Justin told him to shut his pie hole several months ago. Phillip is still offended?!

Everett: had the best time at joy school this week. He learned about the letter "A" with his friends. Friday afternoon he introduced me to his baby "a" and the big "A". The letters floated around, performed tricks, and became his imaginary pets for the day. Saturday, Justin enjoyed playing with Everett's imaginary pet A and a. He sang the "A says "Ah" song quite often this week. I think he LOVES school.