09 September 2009

Way too much fun

I am having WAY too much fun with Phillip! I was not so impressed with the photo results taken in the previous session. Allison let me come use her daughter's room on Friday morning. The brown wall was awesome! I love the soft light coming in from the side window. Allison let me boss her around much to my amusement. I put the pics in a collage because they are all favorites. If you want to view individual photos check out my picasa album (click link for week 2).

Phillip is still pretty snuffily in his nasal region. Poor kid is not nursing well even after the booger snatcher sessions. His weight was not up to par this morning at the Dr's office. In 8 days he only gained 4 oz instead of 8 oz. At least he is growing a little bigger. I need to bring him in next week for a weigh-in to see if he is nursing better. He is starting to stay awake a little longer and has a harder time settling down for his naps. Now Mia has a cold...so starts the annual cold exchange extravaganza. I hope the baby does not catch RSV this winter.

Justin had fun on Monday going dove hunting with a guy pal. He actually shot a couple doves and brought the breast meat home to eat. Way to go sweetie. I was glad he only spent 4 hours hunting! We spent the rest of Labor Day relaxing. Jana drove out around 10 am to head back to Utah. Amelia was very sad to see her go. We enjoyed seeing Jana very much. Sort of made me homesick for more family. Yesterday we priced a local company for carpet and tile. Most likely we will use Home Depot for carpet and the local one for laminate tiles. The local company had a new product that looks like real tile, it is even groutable, but is plastic based. I can't wait!!!!

Here are links to many videos from the past two weeks: