15 March 2012

The "O" Face


One of my favorite developmental stages is when babies learn to pull silly faces. Last night Amelia was making silly faces at Everett and he suddenly reciprocated the "O" face. All my kids have made this same face around the same age. Makes me giggle!!

We are spending a lot of time outside. Justin dismantled our really old Lilac bush. Two years ago I discovered an ant colony inside one of the dead branches. The infestation spread to the rest of the bush causing a slow death. I was really, really sad to see it go. There is another lilac bush and a snowball bush that will probably have to go. Both of the other bushes are slowly dying as well. I think the previous owners unknowing started to choke the bushes by surrounding them with plastic ground cover. Last year Justin cut away the plastic so this year will tell if they have to go or stay. I am patiently waiting (NOT) for me garden catalog order to arrive.

Amelia is spending the day with Alison and Ella! She was so excited yesterday when Ella dropped off a note for her about their forthcoming playdate. My plan was to spend the morning potty training Phillip. He is so not ready. I had him drink about 16 oz of juice around 8:30 am. By 9:15 I put him on the potty. We played and talked for 30 minutes. No action and he decided sitting was so not fun. He went upstairs and peed on his rug. We will try again in another week or so! LOL.