30 June 2011

Wow, it's humid


The past few days were soooo humid. My hair is loving it! I feel like we are back in NC during the summer, complete with evening rain showers. Yesterday it was almost 100 degrees outside. The kids enjoyed playing in our wading pool, the sprinkler, and the bird bath. That bird bath sees a lot of action! Amelia made a mud cake in the bird bath. Phillip was enthralled with the idea of dirt, water, and rocks. He had to stretch on tip toes to reach inside the bird bath which made his short slide down. This kid will have an amazing plumber's crack, look how cute it is now! Everett just looked so cute in the seersucker pants and onesie I made for him. He spent a good 20 minutes staring at the way the sun came through the tree leaves.

Pony Tails


Finally convinced Amelia to let me try putting her hair up in pony tails. The back does not stay in but the front looks pretty cute. I french braided one side but it "hurt" too much to repeat on the other side. She wanted me to take photos of her cute hair. I love the clips she picked out too. Do you love her modeled "emotions"? She gave me disgusted, sassy, and surprised all of her own accord. Silly Billy Banana.

29 June 2011

Holy Cuteness...

So...I learned me how to sew some visors. HOly Stinkin' AdorAbLE! Yesterday I sewed 10 visors and finished two more this afternoon. I saw a famous newborn photographer use one so I decided to figure it out instead of dishing out $20 per visor. It was not hard at all! Just a brim shape, with a slight curve where the brim is sewn to the strap...and a strap. I fancified the visor with stitching and finished off the back with velcro, gotta love adjustable. Phillip LOVES his! Amelia even wants one now!

PS: I am in complete awe of Everett's feet. His toes are so long and skinny. Even his pinky toe is as long as the others.

PSS: He smiled at me again this afternoon, melt me into a sloppy puddle

PSSS: taking the kids to the pool without reinforcements is NOT a good idea. Phillip tried to swim like the big boys about 20 times, never cognizant that he can't. That kid has one thick skull. Once I looked over to see him floating face down bubbles churning out his nose. Everett was nursing with me beside the pool. Luckily, Christine was there and grabbed him. Three minutes later after his close brush with drowning he was trying the same trick. Dear Phillip...we are supposed to learn from our mistakes, not repeat them. That is good advice for us all.

PSSSS: watched Ella yesterday while Alison is at Girl's Camp. We went to McDonald's for lunch. The girls got barbie doll heads/busts (to style hair). On the way home both girls were in the back of the van yelling, "where are my arms? where are my legs? HELP ME, Help ME!" I nearly crashed the van from laughing. The girls played sooooooo well together. They played princess, mom & baby, strawberry shortcake, and wolves. I smiled hearing them play and interact using their large imaginations. 

27 June 2011

Slice of Heaven

One Month Old

We survived our first month as a family of five! Hooray! Everett is enjoying more awake and alert time. He is usually awake in the morning and evening for quite some time. He is very observant, just content to look around. Once in a while he gives a small smile. Everett is Mr Houdini, I finally had to use a Halo Sleep Sack, which mostly keeps him swaddled. He sleeps well at night, going to bed around 10:30 and waking up around 3:30 for a quiet nursing then 7:30. Amelia still keeps me up more than my newborn. I noticed today he is able to keep his hands near his mouth to suck on. His binky is spit out once his hands are nearby. I am guessing that he weighs about 11 pounds already and is 22.5 inches long. I will verify that tomorrow. We lovers our little snuggle buddy!

**update: Everett weighs about 10.5 lbs and is 21.5 inches long (06/28/2011)

Laugh? or Cry?

OK. So. I ordered this table back in early April. The furniture store said my order never reached the manufacturer, then it got lost, blah, blah, blah. This afternoon I FINALLY got a call that our table was delivered and ready to come live in our dining room. Whoop-ee. I was SO very excited. When I ordered the table I wanted the beefiest, heaviest table, for the right price. Well, the table was a bit on the gargantuan side. It fills up our entire dining room with a spare foot to squeeze by into the kitchen. After anticipating this gorgeous table, benches, and chairs for months I was sorely torn between crying and laughing. Once the movers left I laughed until my guts ached. Now I hope we can exchange/return our mammoth table or get a chain saw and make it into two tables. Can you imagine this table with the two large leaves installed? We'd have to knock out the wall.

It seems lately that the odds are against me. The table I ordered is large. I rubbed our new van against Justin's blue car last week, it has a slight blemish. Justin gave me some much deserved flack about that one, now the table. I think we are even now after his honeymoon blunder. With a newborn, Phillip (who seems to multiply into three little boys some days), and a whiny Amelia my brain cells are a bit cloudy. LOL. DON'T TRUST ME WITH TOO MUCH...

25 June 2011

We've Upgraded...to Baseballs


Oh yeah, baby! We got pounded with baseball size hail this evening. I could almost hear the holes punched in our roof. I found one in the front yard that was the same size as an apple. The tornado sirens blared for a couple moments since a tornado was sighted in Potter. We definitely had greenish clouds, circulation, and speedy clouds ripping in circles. It was so cool, and scary!

Last night we took the kids to see Cars 2. Wow, that was an experience. Phillip did really well until he got tired of eating popcorn and sipping his soda. Still he mostly stayed in our row only venturing out to sit on Brother Gull's lap (four times) in the seat in front of me. Amelia loved the movie until the end. It was good but the story line was a little much for 4 year old girls, meaning there were no princesses. She said her favorite part was the cute little purple car. I caught a cold now. It feels more allergy related than what Justin has. Poor guy almost hacked his lungs onto the lawn this evening. I am pounding the zicam and echinacea...go away stupid cold. Having two sick parents means extra crankiness and grumpiness all around. Patience is about razor thin right now.
One bright sun shiny spot was receiving Everett's first awake smile. He looked at me a moment then smiled a huge gummy grin. Melt me right now. He started laughing in his sleep, a breathy silly laugh. I can't call him Goat Boy anymore...he stopped crying like that. Now he starts crying with this crazy coughing noise then escalates until he turns purple, at the color purple he stops and falls asleep. Pretty amazing. Everett has a hard time in the evening. Most of the day he falls asleep in his bassinet just fine. Come dinner time he will have nothing to do with his bed only wanting to be held and burped. After 9 is when he has a hay day. He will cry until his next feeding unless Justin or I holds him. Gotta break that habit! I need some Mommy time ALONE.

23 June 2011

Lemonade Stand

The weather was perfect today! The kids are feeling much better! We invited Ella over to play for the day. During the winter a lady in my ward found this darling lemonade stand at Big Lots for me. We put it to good use this morning. Amelia helped me bake snicker doodle cookies and the girls helped me make the lemonade. I sort of wish we had a cutesy pitcher! Oh! The excitement ran high when I took the stand outside and the kids their chairs. Lots of folks drove by and honked or waved but only two "customers" stopped by. Phillip drank half the pitcher and ate about 6 cookies while the girls yelled "Lemonade Stand!" Everett even opened his eyes for a good while to enjoy the outdoors. Our first customer was a guy named Kevin. He ended up giving us an estimate to replace our roof. The hail last week really beat our roof to pieces.

After lunch the girls played mommy and baby. Ella was the mommy and Amelia was the baby. They were in her room for about an hour! Ella fed Amelia a bottle of water, put drops and fluff in Amelia's ears, and read her stories. We finished off our playdate with a run on our slip and slide in the sideyard. It feels great to finally feel confident enough to invite folks over.

Mr. Sandman

We are thoroughly enjoying our new sandbox. The range of emotions, especially Amelia's, makes me smile. Phillip is learning how to push her little buttons, which he does with gusto. Amelia helps Phillip with a sand treatment. That kid was oozing sand. He even had sand in his ear canal and encrusted all over. He insisted on not sporting a shirt the other day. He looked so hilarious covered in sand. Amelia squealed each time Phillip got close to her with sand. He ended up dumping a bucket full on her head.

Mini Houdini

Everett is my first child who can wiggle out of any swaddle. He always ends up with one or both arms out. He hates his binky and longs for his fingers. I even safety pin the kid into his swaddle and he escapes. Miekka taught me the secret art of tight swaddling. I am an expert swaddler, he is an expert escape artist. The only time he does not get out of his swaddle is when he is deeply asleep when I swaddle him. Isn't it strange to use swaddle as a verb and noun in the same sentence? LOL.

22 June 2011

Surprise Visit

Justin is still sick with a nasty cough and congestion. He finally went to the Dr this morning for some antibiotics; he has bronchitis. Poor guy is hacking up his lungs with a gusto of late. He has not been this sick in quite some time. Amelia ran a fever all Sunday, Monday, and part of yesterday. Phillip ran a fever yesterday and today. Everett ran a little fever, has some congestion, and is acting fussy. We've been confined to our home since Saturday trying to get better. The weather was dreary all weekend. Tuesday the wind was so powerful that going outside to play was not the best of ideas. I hope everyone is on the mend...and that I don't get it.

While Phillip and Justin napped on Tuesday I played with the baby for a while. He snuggled right in and gave me some delightful smiles all swaddled up and warm. He is getting chubbier! Love his squishy lips and dimple(s).

Tuesday late afternoon the kids and I were outside (in spite of the wind) while I nursed the baby. All of the sudden I heard Mary Henderson (Miekka's Mom) call out my name. I did about four double takes until my head registered that the Henderson's were really standing outside our gate. The wind was so bad that they lost quite a bit of travel time across WY. I am so glad they stopped in for dinner and a sleepover! Mary held Everett while Dorrel and Andrew played with Amelia and Phillip. Phillip was so happy to welcome two other guys into our home. He warmed up in about 2 seconds after noticing Andrew sport some facial hair. After all the times Justin and I crashed Henderson family parties we gladly reciprocated some hospitality. We LOVE visitors! Mary helped me make Calibicitos for dinner. Justin mostly hid out away from everyone to avoid sharing germs. Dorrel and Mary treated us to Dairy Queen ice cream for dessert. Amelia sat on Mary's lap reading books and working on her homework book for quite some time. Thanks for stopping in to Hotel Amelia! Anytime!

Everett decided to have a difficult night. He screamed/cried from 10:50 pm until 1 am. Poor kid was squirming so much he tummy must've hurt something fierce. I gave him some Maalox, which helped once he calmed down. Phillip was up and crying from 2-3 am with a stuffy nose. Then Everett was awake to feed, then Amelia was awake with a nightmare and aching legs. Phew! That was long night. Hopefully we get some sleep tonight.

I took Amelia to the Dr this afternoon for a check up on her ear tubes. The steroid drops helped to reduce the polyp on her ear drum and pushed the tube a significant amount out of her ear drum. The tube is still in her ear drum but should work its way out within a month or so. It looks like she won't have to have surgery! Hooray. She was so funny this morning. She had Justin put on her fancy Easter Dress, tights, and black Sunday shoes. She wore the outfit all day in hopes Ella would come over to play Lemonade Stand with her. I told Ella to stay away per sickness. Amelia was delighted to go to the Dr and show off her fancy clothes. She even fixed her hair with a blue barrette on one side and a flower clip on the other. She is showing off her ability to dress and ready herself. That is an amazing accomplishment. Way to go Mia.