27 July 2008

Call Family Reunion

Friday we drove to Heber for a Call family reunion. We met Spenser and Laura and Granny's shakes to get some lunch. Ironically, my great-grandmother was born in that home. We met at a park for lunch and to gather all the Calls. Around 2 pm we drove up to the Young Woman's camp where the family reserved four large cabins. We stayed in Camp Sariah. The sky and trees were absolutely incredible. Justin and I stayed until about 7:30 because we did not feel like camping after 10 days on the road. I was very glad to meet Bruce's siblings and talk to Grandma Clarisse. Of course my camera was by my side most of the time. Amelia must think I have a third eye...a big black shiny one!! Justin and I mused over all the little coincidences between our two families. Justin's Great-Grandfather gave my Grandma Jean her patriarchal blessing. My Great-Grandpa was secretary to Justin's grandpa. My Joseph Stacey Murdock ancestor was good friends with Anson Call. Small world! The chances of Justin and I meeting and marrying were so slim to none that we count our marriage as a miracle.

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