27 October 2011

Trunk r Treat


Last night our ward Primary hosted a Trunk r Treat. Excitement was super high in our home all day. Amelia and Phillip "helped" me make cookies right before lunch. Justin came home from work a bit early to help me get ready. Phillip's costume was easy. Just let him muck around in his costume for a while, add some brown face paint, a sign, and kazam Pigpen is born. Amelia was so excited that Justin picked her up from ballet. We got her all gussied up with glitter, face makeup, fake jewel earrings, and an up hairdo. Everett wore a cute dinosaur costume from my friend Meagan. The most stressful part was trying to get the kids together for some photos. Phillip's photos are so dang genuine. Amelia looked crazy as she tried to pose like a princess, mostly she looked constipated.

The church was packed to the gills. Folks from all over show up at this once a year party. I heard that the food actually ran out before everyone had a chance to eat. Phillip's eyes were huge as he took in the loud noise and chaos. Being three feet tall can be a bit intimidating. We gathered together for a sing-a-long, then dinner, a cake walk, then outside for trunk or treating. I missed quite a bit of the action outside while nursing the baby. Still I ripped open our bag of candy and it disappeared like magic. Everett's costume was perfect for keeping him nice and warm. It was freezing outside!

First Snow

Like most folks along the Rocky Mountain base we received a dusting of snow yesterday. It was wet, heavy snow accompanied by cold temps. The snow was perfect for making a snowman. The middle ball was so heavy I could not lift it! He turned out really lumpy and dumpy. Regardless, the kids were pleased as pink punch. They spent 2 hours outside playing in the snow.


This little one LOVES ballet. She loves dressing up for her lessons...and I love to play along. She chose the poofiest tutu I have on hand yesterday. I had to laugh over her preening. She thought she was Odette from Swan Lake yesterday.