10 June 2011

Them Chonky Dogs

I started calling Phillip's feet, chonky dogs, of late. He has the chubbiest, cutest feet ever. I put on some flip flops on him this morning and about died from laughing and chuckling over his dogs. We survived the last two days without assistance. Really, I am only worried about two times of the day, around 10 and 4, when I nurse the baby. This morning TV worked just great for the morning feed and this afternoon we went out in the sideyard. I feel dead tired but coping! At the hospital I stopped drinking my Devil Juice (Coca Cola, again). It was both good and bad timing. My strategy is to not sit for very long or else I will fall asleep! Amelia started carrying around a doll with her. She nurses the baby, changes diapers, swaddles, burps, and cuddles the baby doll whenever I have Everett. It is so cute. She wants me to cover her up with a blanket so her punkles won't see her boobies. Her imagination is amazing. While playing in the sideyard this evening she was pretending a pack of coyotes were after her. She would kick them over the fence. If the coyote came back she taught it how to ballet spin.

Everett had his two week appt Thursday morning. He weighed in at 8 lbs, 10 oz and grew an inch to 22 inches long. He gained over a pound in one week. He is still pretty yellow so we try to let him sunbathe every day. The kids love to snuggle him while he catches some rays. I am very proud of myself...I reached pre-pregnancy weight one week after giving birth! That is one amazing diet, losing 30 pounds in one week. Just have to endure 9 mths of discomfort. Wahoo! Rose let me borrow her Moby wrap. It worked like a charm this evening when Everett woke up an hour before his next feeding. I popped him into the wrap and went on a walk/bike ride with the kiddos.

You can sort of see what Mom, Jeremy, and Jared helped me with in the second to last photo. They helped me grade the area beside the shed, fill it with rubber mulch, move the play toy, and set up a sand box. The kids absolutely LOVE the new sand box. Phillip especially loves to dig and play with the sand. Hopefully, he will stay out of my garden.

It was super hard to say goodbye to Mom and the boys. The boys helped out with Amelia and Phillip, playing with them and being amazing punkles. Jeremy and Jared are wonderful young men. I hope to see excellent work from them as they continue to grow. Mom, was, well Mom! Amazing as usual. My house was a little cleaner, me more rested, the baby well snuggled, and delicious meals cooked. I miss Utah most when family and friends come out visit. I really wish we lived closer to family. On the other hand, I am grateful for all the supportive friends we have here in Sidney. You learn to rely on the Lord and live with faith. Mom left me some advice gleaned from raising 8 kids, with 6 of those kids as boys. I took her advice to heart. Can't beat experience! Her advice was:

1. Remember that your children ARE your greatest accomplishment
2. Do not expect TOO much of your husband, he is doing all he can to provide and allow me to stay home
3. Make sure your kids know the meaning of "NO"
4. Children are a puzzle. Use your judgment, creativity, and the counsel of the Lord and spouse to figure out the best solutions.