05 February 2012


I love Amelia's new poses! Can you tell she is taking dance? LOL!

Argh! Mia and I went to get much needed hair cuts on Wednesday. I love the guy who does my hair. He is a goof ball and always does neat tricks with my curly hair. He tried some innovative tricks he learned at a hair show last weekend on my head of hair. Never had a hair cut like that. The ways he pulled and combed and cut my hair were strange...and awesome. My hair is actually cooperating and in the end looks even and not frizzy. Hooray!

Mia was tired of long hair. She was tired of brushing out the gnarly tangles. I was tired of her whining. Her hair is so slick and straight most cute hair styles don't stick around very long. The top of her head has a patch of damaged hair from the one hair style that works. Her little friend, Lily, got a cute bob a little while ago. Amelia was inspired and begged for short hair. I wanted a cute a-line, a super cute cut with her fine hair and face shape. I instructed the beautician to cut her hair just below her neck hairline to an inch or two below her chin. Hummm, instead she got an uneven bob. Poor kid looks like a boy now. I don't want to cut bangs again so she will just wear a hat until it grows enough for an a-line. I was pleased the beautician offered to cut her hair for free when it comes time to fix it. Amelia LOVES her short hair!