11 September 2016

Car Troubles

We are entering the season of free air conditioning. The best times of the year! Throw open the sash and let that cool air breeze through the house. It is also the time of year to "double the laundry" because you wear pants and long sleeves in the morning and shorts and t-shirts in the afternoon. The garden is cranking out quarts of cherry tomatoes and Roma tomatoes. We eat the cherry tomatoes like candy. Yum.

Thursday was an interesting day. Evelyn accidentally lost her precious elephant binky by stuffing it into her happy meal box that I threw away at McDonalds. I realized what happened after we got back home and Josie was napping. I called the store and the manager rifled through the trash bin and found the happy meal box. Phew. She is attached by the teeth to that mangy creature. We retrieved said creature while Amelia was in PT. We parked in the lot outside the therapy windows again. Phillip brought an armful of Rescue Bots to play with. He also brought a medium bag of chocolate chips. The chips melted and caused Evelyn to heave each time she noticed it because the bag looked like poop. Phillip somehow ripped up Everett's finger by smashing a piece off the parking slab thing. I played nurse and wrapped up his finger quick as quick. Amelia finally bounced out of PT around 5 pm. As we pulled out I noticed there was a bit of oil where the van was parked. The air conditioner was not pumping out cold air as usual. We stopped to visit Jen at her shop when a hose or gasket blew, the entire pan of oil seemed to leak right out of the van. It was a bit embarrassing, sort of the same feeling I get when my toddler pees on the sidewalk. Justin was on his way home so he changed direction and rescued us. He fetched more oil from Rocky's shop, put it in the van, and raced over to the shop before all the oil leaked out again. He made with the van still functioning. I strapped the kids into the truck, transferred car seats, and items needed from the van to the truck. We picked up Justin and went home to make a fancy dinner of quesadillas. Justin's blue car made terrible, loud noises on his trip back from Cheyenne with several YM in the car. They went to practice for the cultural celebration next month. We think the CV joint is going out. He limped into town then got the YM into his truck so he could deliver them to their homes. We are down to a motorcycle and truck that seats 6, if we travel together one man is down a seat belt.

Evelyn got to play at the park twice this week. We met up with a couple other gals and their kiddos. Evelyn of course brought along her sandwiches for the event. Justin even came to the park on Wednesday for an impromptu picnic. He got to push her on the swings for 20 minutes. Yay. I scored a cupcake costume for her at the consignment store. She wore it for the rest of the day over her dress. The best reaction I got out of her this week was when a package arrived from Amazon. She ripped it open exclaiming, "Oh Thank you mommy, its my birthday, thank you!" Lucky for her a birthday present was indeed in the package. I found a set of pretend makeup using foam instead of real makeup. She was in heaven as she pulled out blush and eye shadow and made up her face. I was in heaven since she was not using my makeup. I also got new straps to hang her swing back up. Last week the rope snapped in mid-air while I was pushing her. That was not pleasant. I think these new straps will work much better. I love, love, love, when she says "thank you mommy!" and hugs my leg. It is about the cutest thing ever. Much cuter than the 75 minute tantrum she threw earlier that day because I would not paint her toe nails. She smacked my leg so I shut her in her bedroom. The fireworks were hot in our house that morning. Her screaming made Josie cry because it was so raucous.

Josie turned 7 months on Tuesday. She was not a happy camper this week. I think her little teeth must be moving and trying to come through her gums. She spent the week rubbing her nose and eyes, leaving her with red-rimmed eyes. I waited to take 7 month photos until Tuesday night when she seemed in a better mood. I made the cutest brown-eyed Susan hat ever with a matching green romper. She made a darling little flower. I giggled over her insane cuteness. Saturday she napped from 9:30 until noon, an unheard of occurrence. Teeth or growth spurt? Time will tell. She did gain an entire pound in 3 weeks! Yay baby.

Friday Everett started screaming bloody murder (a commonality). I rushed into the living room to discover he was mad that Phillip ripped off a tortilla bag from his head. He replaced the bag quite carefully, he was quite the comical character! Soon all the kids took a turn wearing the tortilla bag on their heads. Phillip had to rip the bag with his teeth ending the fun. Everett was sad after school on Friday because his teacher would not let him count to 100, she kept stopping him at 9. Phillip surprised me this week by doing his spelling homework with little to no complaining. He completed half, played until after dinner then finished it without me pestering him. I love when he does that. Amelia took her turn with homework drama this week. She came home Thursday sobbing, haltingly spitting out a story I could make little sense to. It took me an hour to glean out the story: she forgot to complete a spelling homework packet two weeks ago. Her teacher threatened to write her up if she did not complete the packet by Monday. I called up her teacher the next day to get the story from her, it was really no big deal. However, with my sensitive rule abiding child, the consequence put her over the edge. That night she had to complete 2 entire math lessons, two spelling packets, and finish a reading packet. The homework is ridiculous. I am glad my kids are learning how to do hard things, they (and I) can do this. I am not in a place (mentally) to home school. Amelia is also reporting how atrocious the recess drama is becoming. She is quite the mediator so gets the brunt of trying to get all these girls to get along and play nice.

Justin and I went on a date Friday night...with Josie in tow. We tried out the Goose Pit restaurant. I finally found a place that serves decent chicken wings. We ate then did some perusing at Cabelas. We enjoyed some down time without all the crazies. Josie looked ridiculous with a huge golden bow wrapped on her head. She could get full HD reception with that thing on. We came home to find Evelyn passed out on the couch surrounded with her fake-up. The boys were thrilled to have a guy babysit them this time! He showed them how to play "Down by the river" hand clap game. I have that song stuck in my head...hanky panky, frogs, banky bank.

Saturday Justin worked on cleaning the garage. I cleaned up the kitchen then helped out a bit. Felt great to spruce up that space a bit with the van gone. Evelyn is quite concerned about the van's absence. She hopes the van hospital returns it soon. Justin left for Cheyenne around 1:30. I decided to take the kids on a picnic for dinner. We whipped up sandwiches, and packed up some food. We ate dinner on a cute blanket at the Memorial Gardens. It was so pretty and peaceful there. The kids soon got out their bikes and discovered how much fun it was to bike down the culvert hill, the same one they sled down during the winter. The little girls and I played at the park. Everett soon came crying over with hurt feelings, the other kids called him a baby. Poor dude. I advised him to play at the park instead of biking. He filled his socks with dirt and made up a game throwing his dirt filled socks into the air. It was great fun. We stayed until the sun set. After baths the kids were treated with root beer floats and a Reese's cup.

Justin reported he could hear Evelyn singing: Daddy finger, daddy finger where are you? Here I yam, here I yam, how dododo!" The dogs in the county over could hear her as well, she sings in an octave not meant for human ears. I frantically tried to redirect her innocent singing with a nice quite coloring book. Once again Evelyn colored her body with a pink permanent marker she picked up somewhere in our house. She even colored her private parts, including nice circles and polka dots on her bum cheeks. Most of her art work came off during a bath and scrub session. That girl. This mom. I need to ferret out all these rogue writing utensils.