07 January 2011

Pink Polish

Alison came and picked up both my kiddos for the day this morning. Oh man...I enjoyed just being alone for a little while. I finished editing a newborn session, sewed up the playhouse awning, went to lunch with Justin, shopped alone for a second, read some of my book, and even took a little nap. I need to crochet Alison more hats if she will trade a couple hours with my kids. She even put Phillip down for his nap while I hid in the basement. No kids for 6 whole hours. Makes me appreciate them even more. Phillip patted my cheek when I picked him up from his nap. Amelia snuggled me for 30 minutes. That was heaven.

I found a short tutorial on how to make your own awning written by Dana, on the MADE blog. I bought the wood on Monday. The kids helped me saw the wood down to size and drill holes for the dowel. Wednesday I attached the wood to the house then draped some fabric over the frame. It took me a couple days to get up the courage to actually cut and sew the material without a pattern. After thinking about how to sew it for two days I came up with a plan of attack. The awning looks cute! I hot glued the material to the frame for the time being. Hooray!

Last week a lady called me asking if I could take her newborn son's photos. She found my card at a local consignment store. I was super excited to have an unexpected newborn to practice on using my new strobe lights. You can check out the entire session on my photography blog. Editing time was nearly half what it usually is since the lights automatically corrected my normal white balance issues and made my images super sharp. I am giddy!

Yesterday Ella came over to play with Amelia for the day. The girls spent a good 30 minutes painting their nails with paint brushes and water. That was fine and even cute. About the time Ella left Amelia disappeared into the bathroom for a little while. I started to get worried once the time passed a normal bowel movement span of time. She soon came out clutching a towel and told me that the mess was cleaned up. Stink! Little stinker painted her own fingernails with real polish. We had a serious discussion that she cannot paint her nail by herself until she is a Mommy. It was her idea to wait until motherhood to paint her own nails. Her nails turned out better than mine normally turn out...and I AM a mommy. She may become a professional manicurist.