24 January 2009


I am really trying to turn on some creative juices here in Sidney. Last summer I bought about 40 shirts at Walmart for $1 per shirt. Now I have the time to make the shirts into cute little appliqued numbers to sell at the next craft fair. At the laundromat, the owner said there is a fun craft fair at Oktober fest each year. That time frame did not make me want to rush home and work on the shirts. Thanks to Trissha, she let me borrow a table and chair so I could sew the shirts up better than on the floor. I had no excuse...so I whipped up 8 cutie pie shirts on Thursday and Friday. Good thing because the warmish weather is now about 15 degrees and the sunshine changed into snow flurries. Amelia helped me pick out fabric and use my scissors on her toys.

Yesterday I was feeling pretty yucky so what did I do? I got a gym membership. That took me a couple hours since part of the process included getting a signature through Cabela's HR. Amelia showed off her cutie cutes to Justin's co-workers. She perked up if they offered her candy. I was able to meet Stan and some of the the other people J-Dog works with. He even decorated his office with various pictures he's collected over the years. My bridal picture is right by his phone so when he calls me I am staring at him with doey eyes! LOL. I love it. By the time we returned to the gym, paid, and put Amelia in hourly daycare I was so tired. The thought of doing the lazy dog on the gym floor sounded awfully tempting. Amelia went straight to daycare because the ladies were serving lunch of mac n'cheese and broccoli...her favorites. They said once she finished eating and realized I was gone she raced around like a trapped monkey looking for an escape hole. I did pull myself together and exercised on the elliptical machine for 45 minutes.

This morning we contacted a realtor who took us around to see 4 homes. We saw a newly built condo, a 1940's home that smelled like bleach and mold, another 1940's custom built home with awesome wood work, and a 5 year old home that was bigger than it looked. I can't wait until we can really make a decision WHEN our home in Utah sells. The carpets should be getting a nice cleaning today, thanks to Charity! We miss our Utah crowd so much. Guess all the cold weather is making me miss you all.