17 March 2012

Side Yard Camping Adventure


About two years ago we invested in a large cabin tent from Cabela's. Justin put it up last night. It is NOT a Springbar tent. It took him 90 minutes to get it up. It was a bit confusing especially fitting the rain cover over the tent. He ended up getting the rain cover flipped so the front entrance oriented at the back window of the tent. Hopefully it will be easier next time. While he worked on the tent I made a picnic dinner of hamburgers, deviled eggs, and chips. Amelia declared I was the best girl chef ever. I still remember the evening before when she said that the food I cooked was gross...kids! Justin set up sleeping spaces for him and the kids. He got out his hobo stove and helped Amelia roast marshmallows. Amelia stuffed four marshmallows in her cheeks for fun! Chubby Bunny Face! Justin said the kids slept well out in the tent. Phillip had a hard time falling asleep and whined off and on all night (boy to I know about the night whining). What a fun diversion in our own home!

PS: I found a Perry the Platypus shirt at Salvation Army for Phillip next year. He will not take it off! It looks like a dress. So cute!

Treasure Hunt


We had preschool at the park yesterday. I organized a fun treasure hunt, St Patrick's style. The kids found green shamrock clues hidden all over the park. The treasure was hidden under a tree and not a rainbow. I think the leprechaun got a bit confused. We had green snacks to revive our energy for more playing after the hunt. It was spectacular! Everett spent most of the time on my back. He was so tired from missing his morning nap that he took a 4 hour afternoon one. Phillip was so excited to be included. He mimicked Zane and Will following them around like super heroes. Last week at our dinner date, Deb talked about how her kids complained about being hot outside and how they would just melt and sit in the shade. I had flashbacks to her comments when my Amelia did exactly the same. She practically put her hand on her forehead and fanned herself declaring it was too hot and she needed some refreshment before going on. I thought ok, Scarlett O'Hara!

Summer Weather in Winter


Today the temperatures were in the 80s. Ella came to play with us and join in our St Patrick's preschool party. After lunch the girls were flushed and hot...so...I pulled out the sprinkler for them. Soon the girls had every water retaining vessel lined up under the water. They spent a good hour and a half filling and refilling the largest bucket. It was awesome! Phillip joined in after his nap. He discovered the muddy grass was super fun to stomp around on. It is still winter. Crazy. Love it!