07 November 2009

Running out of TiMe

I feel like the clock is racing ahead without me! I am amazed that the days go by so fast. It seems not much is being accomplished around the house...sort of like trying to chip away at a log with a tiny swiss knife. Still, we are chipping away. The basement is not done but at least you can walk around without breaking your neck. Most days I wonder if I suffer from moving schizophrenia, one moment I will be working on this the next in a totally different location doing something totally different. Another analogy would be like traveling a long river with about a thousand tributaries all connection to the main river. Me? I am zipping all over this river and the tributaries. The living room is done, our room is done, and the bathroom is done! Thursday night I decided the laundry accordion door had to go. Justin was clucking his tongue at me. It came down with a lot of encouragement and dust. I hung red curtains for the moment to hide the laundry until I figure out what to replace the door with.

We tried to get family pictures taken again on Wednesday night. This time Mia was crabby and the kids were cold. Alison did a great job, the subjects were the problem. Maybe I will just need to settle for a family picture that is not my ideal. Once I get an image in my head nothing compares until that image is realized. Dang artist.

Thursday I took the Haley's family picture (again) and Friday another family in our ward wanted their pictures done. Phew! I had two bookings for today but both ended up canceling. The weather was AWESOME this week so that is why we planned so many photo sessions. Once I clear some room on my completely full hard drive I can start editing. Some how I ended up only having 4 free GB on my computer. I guess storing over 12,000 pictures on my working computer is overboard! Can you believe 80% of my photos are on my external hard drive? The 12,000 represents the remaining 20% plus some duplicates. Time to regroup. Extra stuff is oozing all over my life right now. Time to pare down then I can get back in the saddle lighter and organized.

A school bus parked in front of our house on Thursday afternoon. Amelia was completely delighted to discover this after her nap. I asked the driver if Amelia could take a peek inside. The driver let her/us play on the bus for half an hour! Amelia watched an episode of "Caillou" about 4 months ago where the main character rides a bus even though he was not old enough for school. Mia wanted to ride a bus from that day on. She was absolutely darling dancing down the aisle. The bus driver asked if I would take her daughter's senior portraits on Saturday. I arranged to meet her at 7:30 am on Saturday. She never showed up...until this morning. We were all jolted out of sleep at 7 am by the doorbell. My Saturday appointment turned in to a Sunday one. The girl drove 2 hours to be here and woke up at 4 am to get ready. I didn't have the heart to turn her away. I am still not sure how the lines of communication got so tangled up.

We had our first guests over, well except for the missionaries, for dessert this evening. The Haley's came over for cookies and ice cream. I showed the boys my awesome rock collection.

Here is an entire slew of new videos of the past couple weeks:
Lia's Noises
Phillip's Bouncy Seat
Phillip Talking to Mom
Mia Playing Piano
Phillip Smiling
Halloween Fairy
Fairy Tea Party
Phillip Talking
Phillip Splashing
Morning Cuteness