09 December 2008

Sidney, Nebraska

Just a heads up. Justin, Amelia, and I are traveling to Sidney, Nebraska tomorrow for a job interview with Cabela's. Now don't get your undies in a twist about this possible development. We are not very sure about Nebraska either. It is far away from family, off the desolate part of highway I-80, with a population of 6,000. Doesn't sound too enticing. My mom said our family has stopped at that particular Cabela's a couple of times. I don't remember that! We leave tomorrow around 4 pm and get back Thursday after 8 pm. The company will have to make a pretty good offer for us to consider living in Sidney.

Caffeine Free

I've been caffeine free for a month now. That may not mean much to some of you but it is a huge success for me. I love Coke Zero and Diet Coke. It was an affair developed while working at DWS in a high stress job. Before 2003 I rarely even drank a soda. After we got back from Jordan I decided it was time to hang up my caffeine cap. I am not saying never again, but in strict moderation like hardly ever. My hope is that my weight will drop again. Due to being Lane Lance's daughter I have the obsession with being fit and healthy. My dad takes a can of tuna and a slim fast as his lunch every day in order to control weight gain. I am not that desperate but nearly there. Amelia now wants to help me exercise so I am getting up at the butt crack of dawn to exercise. Yesterday I was working out on my elliptical machine when the main bar separated from the body of the machine. Another broken item we can't repair. Total bummer. It is back to biking on the trainer every day. Justin thinks he can re-bolt the machine together, hopefully he can. I wish maintaining my pre-Justin weight was as easy as thinking about it! However, I'd rather be happily married and plump than ravishing thin and single. So, give me a hoo-hoot for giving up soda.

Love, love, love

I love our little Amelia. She is so funny. Whenever she wants something (like her mimi, binky, daddy, etc), I make a show of creeping around the house calling out for the item, saying, where are you binky? Sunday she placed her finger by her nose (in imitation of my hand cupped around my mouth) calling out, where are you daddy? Where are you binky, and then mimi. It was so cute. She is really excited about giving tickles to our feet and arm pits. This is a very exciting game! The best is when she gives -ugs (hugs). She will pat your back and give a tiny rub then run to the other person. Last night she did this for about 10 minutes. Now that is a game we could play forever.

Amelia is not transitioning to nursery very well. I told the Primary President she may as well call me to be a nursery leader since I will be in there a while. Two little crying girls were occupying my lap much to Amelia's dismay. I comforted them by rubbing their backs and saying, it's alright and it's okay. Amelia pounded their backs saying the same thing while also trying to push them off my lap. Now she comforts her mimi saying, "it's alright mimi." This is a good time to be a mom.