21 December 2011

Preschool Christmas Party


Preschool is on vacation until the New Year. I decided to host a little Christmas party on Tuesday. Call me crazy. CRAZY! It was fun! Six preschoolers, Phillip (who counts as at least 3 children), and two infants. We put together a foam snowman craft, exchanged cards, and chatted over yummy treats. I really loved Meagan/Stella's snack: green apples with vanilla yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon. I must admit that my mood was pretty cruddy. The past 72 hours were especially challenging:

Sat: Phillip.
Sun: Phillip. Amelia.
Mon: Phillip. Amelia. Everett.
Tues: Crabby family.

Ok, that was a poor explanation but you get the point. Phillip. That kid almost got tossed out the already shattered window Monday evening. Sunday our one crier in Nursery did REALLY well. He only cried for about 10 minutes. That was awesome. Phillip must feel the excitement of Christmas. He and Amelia were really naughty right after Ella left. I think they were so good while she was here that they HAD to get some mischief out. Bedtime was a chorus of screams and shrill shrieking. Monday I about lost half my hair. Both Amelia and Phillip were plain ornery. So was I. I really wanted a fun FHE to bring in the spirit of Christmas. I decided to make doughnuts from scratch and pass out about 7 plates to our neighbors. The dough making was amazing. After dinner I got the kids set up to help me. Strapped the baby to my back and went to work rolling and cutting dough. The frier was ready. So was Phillip. He kept stuffing his face with dough then spitting the dough into the frier. Then he'd take the pizza cutter and slice the frier ready circles into bitty pieces. Then, make a nice ball with all the doughnut holes. In the end dough was everywhere. He even had his own ball of dough to mutilate but only wanted what I was making. He dumped about 2 tablespoons of salt into the doughnut glaze (thankfully after most the doughnuts were glazed). He was all over the place. Add in Amelia doing her whining act and it was a circus. Everett was amused with the circus. Justin walks in just as I am about to lose it. He took Phillip to Safe-frommommy-Way for plates. The doughnuts were plated and distributed. My blood pressure went back to normal during the delivery. Amelia loved delivering the treats.

Yesterday was about the same. Little stinker was into everything. I spent the whole morning playing and cuddling him as much as possible. Still he found some scissors, filled all my pencil sharpeners with water, soaked the bathroom trying to wash his hands, filled his hair with 10 squirts of soap, spilled an entire box of cereal on the carpet, ripped up Amelia's special drawing, emptied Amelia's bookcase, broke two DVDs, filled his shoes with kleenex, stuffed my memory cards into the printer, got into the freezer and ate about a cup of frozen corn, dumped spaghetti onto the floor at lunch, and then bit Amelia drawing blood. He spent four hours in his room "napping." I was supposed to go to a birthday lunch but my mood was so foul that I stayed home and went to bed for a time out.

Alison came over to visit for a couple minutes. We exchanged Christmas gifts! That was a huge bright spot. She treated me to some cute new jewelry and a colorful poinsettia. I made her a wall decoration for her new kitchen color scheme. The girls were so cute trading gifts. Thanks for the bright spot. Right before I left Phillip finally broke into my special drawer in the bathroom. He dumped all my nicely organized jewelry into one big tangled pile. I hopped into the car 30 minutes early and just drove to calm down. Our RS put on a fun dinner and gift exchange. Thanks to Justin for understanding! The evening away was fun and therapeutic. Everett's little cheeks were cherry red and framed with his little hat. That little boy just warmed my heart with his joy and smiles. This morning I feel much better.