18 September 2009

Two Little Piggies Narrative

I could not get the text to look right for the last post. Strange...

This week seemed to drag by for me. Phillip weighs 9 lbs 5 oz (as of Tuesday). He must be over his cold. He is wearing 0-3 mth clothes now; Amelia did not wear 0-3 until she was 2.5 mths old. He is starting to have longer periods of awake time. I love to watch him gaze at a cool pattern or recognize our faces. He even smiled once or twice at us.

Monday Alison watched Amelia in the morning while I photographed two tiny twins born on the 6th of September. My practice with Phillip paid off! Check out their pics on my photo blog.

We invited Ella over to play on Tuesday since the girl's sharing skills were getting rusty. Amelia stayed in time out over half the time. They helped me give Phillip a bath by soaking the bathroom carpet and each other. We dried off by taking a walk around the neighborhood. I think Amelia and Ella single handedly repopulated the dandelion crop for next year. The neighbors are very happy. The treasure of the walk was finding a stick shaped like a "Y"...it became Amelia's Super Why stick.

Wednesday we met Ella at the park for an hour. Amelia found the only puddle in a ten mile radius and proceeded to get her white shoes and socks mucky brown. She was delighted to discover that sand sticks to wet shoes and socks. We met a local painter at our new home to give us a quote on painting the upper level ceilings. White ceilings will really make a difference.

Thursday Sister Mason and Sister Jones helped me can 21 bottles of Utah peaches. Sister Mason has quite the set up for canning. We canned a whole bushel in 1.5 hours. After canning I rushed to meet Justin at our new home for the final walk through with the previous owner. Amelia found a baby pumpkin that she carried around for the rest of that day. In the basement I showed her how to hide in a little cupboard. She relished playing hide and seek until we finished our business. I made 12 jars of fresh peach jam after dinner. Yum! We are also the proud new owners of a double stroller. I found it in the local classifieds for a really good price. Guess what? The stroller is GREEN...

We closed on our new home this morning. The bank let us close three days earlier than planned. Finally after 8.5 months we can get settled back into a home that fits.

Two Little Piggies

Singing to Amelia from the same Primary Songbook my Mom used to sing to me as a child! She LOVES it! The Lamanite kid on the back is apparently named Martin...she asks for Martin at least three times each day.
Hum...was this a good idea? Letting two toddlers "help" me bathe Phillip?

Amelia's tongue after eating blue M&Ms. She danced in front of the mirror for 5 minutes admiring her wagging tongue!
Phillip is apparently not enjoying the great outdoors. He pulls an awesome squishy mad face
Amelia stuck her head in between the clear plastic and the DVD case of her Thomas Movie. She was trying to impersonate Thomas.
Our toddler all grown up with two piggies...like ELLA
I LOVE her smile and dimple
She is wearing two bandaids on her knees. She told me bandaids are not for owies but for decoration. Amelia also toted around a baby squash (pumpkin) and dental mirror (baby mirror) all afternoon. Everything cool is baby sized.