22 December 2009

Makin' Doughnuts

We are really enjoying our time with Jeffrey here. He arrived Saturday around 3 pm after a long drive from Ft Hood, Texas. Phillip immediately started cooing and talking up a storm for Jeff, who ate it up! Uncle Jeff got Amelia up from her nap and was rewarded with 10 minutes of post-nap snuggles. Pretty much we've hung out at home playing Guitar Hero, watching some movies, and enjoying the kids.

Sunday our ward choir gave an awesome performance that surprised me! Usually ward choirs are a bit sketchy...not this one! Excellent work to the Grunigs, Titus', and Sister Gallego. I gave the last lesson in the Doctrine and Covenant's Manual. There is still one Sunday left and I am scrambling to whip up a lesson. Moving on to Old Testament!!! Yippeeeeeee! I made my new favorite meal for Jeff and also the Haley's on Sunday. We had crock-pot steak and chicken (seasoned with cumin) served on two grilled tortillas with cheese in the middle. Toppings included grilled salsa, guacamole, limes, grilled onions, and sour cream. It was delish! The Haley boys totally beat my trash while playing Guitar Hero. Justin slyly caught a video of me rocking out as I played.

Yesterday was pretty busy going to the post office, cleaning, wrapping presents, finishing 3 custom shirts for a lady in town, and making doughnuts! Mom made treats every year to give out to friends while we were growing up. The main treat that stuck out in my mind were freshly made doughnuts. This year I really wanted to greet our new neighbors so the guys rallied and helped make 8 plates of doughnuts. I think about a quarter of those ended going down our gullet. I discovered a yummy cream based glaze that I spiced up with chocolate, vanilla, and even raspberry (all separate). We all walked around delivering the plates to our new neighbors. Most invited us in for a chat! Mia charmed most with her high-pitched "Mewrry Chwismas." Super fun!!! Sorry to those other friends in our ward...maybe next year. Ran out of time and energy.

For the past 2 weeks the kids are tag-teaming me at night. Mia is going through another growing phase so wakes up 2-6 times per night with leg aches. It seems as soon as I settle her back down Phillip wakes up wanting something. My body is rebelling since I am going to bed late and getting up early to exercise. I figure by the time I will be able to sleep in my body won't let me. LOL. Phillip is growing so fast. He is such a happy little guy. Now I hear bursts of giggles from him when Mia passes by or Jeff entertains him. You can always find him with both hands stuffed into his mouth. Can't believe he is "teething" already. I am really enjoying this baby more than Amelia. I think the first kids gets the short end of the stick sometimes.