07 December 2008


Here is a cute video of Amelia saying Sm-ile and cheese.

DI Treasure

I love the DI. I've been hunting at the DI for over a year now for something to accomodate all Amelia's toys. With three floors and mainly living on the middle floor, that meant toys scattered all over the livingroom. Friday afternoon I had the strong urge to go browse DI. The second I laid my eyes on a red TV cabinet, I knew it was heaven. It was pretty well preserved, only needing a new coat (or three) of paint. My second concern was getting the heavy monster home. Thank goodness for Jeff Taylor. He came over and stuffed the cabinet in his truck and helped me carry it upstairs. Once Justin was home I barricaded myself in the kitchen and painted three new coats of a deeper red onto the cabinet. Presto, by Saturday morning the cabinet was in it's new place and functioning just as I planned. It holds ALL of Amelia's toys and looks pretty good besides! This may be silly, but I really feel that Heavenly Father helped me find this. After all the expenses of the month this was the best $20 we spent.

We spent a fun morning at our ward Christmas Breakfast. Amelia wore a holiday shirt and her red boots. She loved stomping around on the wood floor in her "soups," yes, she calls her boots, soups. Pretty close! Later she got a hold of Justin's shooting ear covers. I love how her little cheeks are squished just a little bit. While Justin and Ammy napped I had a photo shoot at Murray Park with Megan and Brandon for their engagements. De-bo called asking to babysit Amelia. While they played at home Justin and I went to Cafe Rio then shopping at REI. He got me a jacket I picked out, I got him some socks, a fire starter, and other cool acoutrements for our 72 hours kits. Amelia learned how to pull a funny face. LOL