07 December 2008


Here is a cute video of Amelia saying Sm-ile and cheese.

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Natalie Sue said...

So cute!!!!

And hooray! I'm getting caught up on your blog. My internet has been acting funny and it will pick and choose which blogs to display and which ones to not. But today? I can see yours!!!!
SO amazing and fun, all the things you are doing. AND Amelia is SO smart. Sorry that comes with not sleeping through the night. Yikes. AND, I'm so sorry about your camera. That's awful.. cause they are so expensive! I'm trying to buy a decent camera for Christmas. I might have to ask you some questions cause I don't know what I'm looking for. All I want is a clear picure! Mega pixels, right?
Anyway, happy to be on your blog! I hope it stays this way for me! You're such a fun blogger!