25 May 2014

Commence! Summer Vacation!

It feels like spring but acts like summer. The temperatures are spring but the kids are done with school. I hate how early our school end for summer here, we end early and start early. Amelia's last day of school was Wednesday. She came home each day loaded down with books because the school is updating all their reading programs. Not too sure what to do with 6 text books and 40 readers. I can't donate them because I imagine by next week hundreds of other moms will be thinking the same thing. Amelia is excited to teach her brothers to read...I hope they cooperate.

I finally got the sand box cleaned out and filled with new sand. The kids are in heaven playing with the sand and making up new adventures. Now the bathtub is dirty with sand and dirt! Sunday evening I opened up a box of DoTerra oils I ordered from a lady in Utah. The box was filled with an invoice, booklet, lotion, chocolates, and some candy. My heart literally fell into my feet, someone stole $180 worth of oils. I called the lady to let her know, not much we can do except file a claim through the USPS. It took me a couple days to get evidence cataloged, visit the postmaster, and file a claim. Chaps my hide! Instead of using the Digestzen on Phillip's tummy I used Kaopectate to try and loosen his bowels. He was complaining of an ouchie tummy (bowels). I expected a bowel movement by morning. It finally came Monday evening while I was doing a photoshoot in Kimball! Talk about good timing. The kids and I really enjoyed seeing Kimball, it is a cute little town. Evelyn hung out with me in the front carrier while the kids played at the park during the session. Amelia informed me Phillip had a poopscident while we walked back to the van. Sister Shields let me clean him up in her bathroom. He wore a diaper much to his chagrin. We borrowed some shorts from Gideon Bouse before finding dinner at Subway. A huge weather cell roared right over our heads the last couple minutes of the photoshoot. Justin took an amazing photo with his phone of another weather cell roaring over Potter. It was a scary storm with lots of hail, wind, rain, lightening, and tornadoes.

Our house windows are all covered with brown paper and painters tape! We cannot wait until the new color goes on. Susan, the painter, brings her little dog named Dora. The kids are in love with that little runt of a dog. They love to dogsit Dora while Susan works on our home. We spent a lovely couple hours at the park. The kids looked so cute sporting their sunglasses. They raced around with their shades just enjoying the sun. I met my VT companion and one of the ladies we visit teach at the park. Evelyn even kept her shades on a good measure of the time. We finally left the park after 2 pm. I was supposed to take my Webelo boys on a 3-mile hike but the weather turned sour. We are having issues getting this last badge completed. Hopefully we can get the hike done during the day this coming week. We celebrated the last day of school with a picnic out on the porch. I think the ants enjoyed a lovely meal. Our vacuum bit the dust, the brush was stuck and not spinning properly. We ended up getting a new one and relegating the old one down to the basement. Justin fixed it using parts from the old old vacuum.

Thursday we raced to get ready for a short trip to Amelia's school. We met briefly with Mrs Dobry to get her report card. Mr Jeffers was busy handing out more readers to all the siblings. We got another 40 readers to add to the collection. We headed to the park with delicious doughnuts until Evelyn's nap time. Amelia had a play date right after with Lily for most of the afternoon. She came back excited to raid my closet and wear my skirts and shoes! I can guess what the girls played at Lily's home. Phillip and Everett discovered how to ride tandem on the Big Wheel bike. Oh! That just warmed my heart! I love when they play nicely.

I took Everett out for his birthday photoshoot. He wore a nice outfit then a super 3 outfit. He was so hilarious showing me his moves. He won a lollipop for his hard work. We made an impromptu trip to Sterling late Friday afternoon. I wanted to get an outfit for our upcoming family photos. JC Penny's had exactly what I was looking for. I am not in love with the fashions the past couple years, reminds me of the 80s. We picked up some plants and mulch for the garden at Home Depot. Saturday Justin worked really hard clearing out rocks from the side of the yard near the chain link fence. I will use that area to plant tomatoes, squash, watermelon, and herbs. We put the fence panels back up after he fixed the broken post. Phew, now we can't see the weed fest next door. The kids played outside most of the day while we worked. Justin got a wheelbarrow and supplies to make a large sifter. We sifted the silt off the rocks and relocated the larger rocks around the other areas of our yard. The smaller rocks and silt went to fill holes in the alley. I introduced Everett to a nice squirmy worm, Amelia and Phillip wanted worms too. Soon we had a worm family going on. Some worms got cut into sections so the kids learned about regeneration and worms. Justin earned a nice sunburn on his head for all his efforts.

**Phillip is peeing in his pants again. He tells me his pee pee is like a rocket that swerves and whips through space. He can't control it. Other times his pee pee is fast like Superman and won't wait for the potty. His pee comes out super fast like Superman. The stories he tells are hilarious

**Tuesday we had the missionaries coming over for dinner. I was stressed out with too much on my plate. Amelia told me I looked stressed out then asked what she could do for me. I almost fainted! She out away towels and bibs for me then cleaned off the table without a word. I literally had tears in my eyes!

**Everett stutters when he gets excited. It is pretty cute!

**My Dad had his retirement ceremony from the Army last Tuesday. I am so proud of him and all he accomplished in 33 years serving our military. He will be in Colorado this next week as he is out processed. Thinking of driving down for a visit.