27 September 2011

Rockin' the Sweatband


My little monkey boy decided to go 80's this afternoon. He found a soft baby headband and rocked with sweatband style. What a funny boy. Yesterday I got him up from his nap to find his socks on his hands, his pants on his head, and his shirt on his bum. Guess his is experimenting with how clothes function. He really wanted to wear his shoes to bed this afternoon with a Strawberry Shortcake bandaid. He seriously is a crack up! I can't help but smile, feel frustrated at his antics, hug, and spank him all at the same time.



Loved Amelia's outfit so much we had to do a little photoshoot with her, the new outfit, and my new pink backdrop paper! Goodness, she has so much spunk and personality. She knows how to pose and move like a little dancer. Reminds me of someone I intimately know (myself). Love that she is now using ballet positions to pose. We all got haircuts today! Her hair looks MUCH better, not so stringy at the ends.

Four Months Old

Everett turned 4 months old yesterday! He had his well-baby visit this afternoon, thus the post one day late. Goodness, this kid is so long. He is already wearing 6-9 mth clothing just for length. Amelia and Phillip are both pretty short kids so to have a long one is sorta strange. I think he just wanted a new wardrobe for the winter since he has already outgrown all of Phillip's hand-me-downs. Bummer.

Everett weighs 14 lbs 13.5 oz and measured 25.5 inches long.

He grasps for things (especially my dinner plate), clasps his hands, reaches and holds his toes, loves to explore his hands and fingers with his mouth, can wet a new shirt with slobber in no time flat, rolls to the right side when holding toes, bats toys, laughs especially hard when Phillip and Amelia play with him, is ticklish under his chin, absolutely loves baths, blows the most amazing spit bubbles, blew his first raspberry on Monday, has the most endearing sparkle in his eyes, and smiles all the time.

Everett is earning the nickname, Bubs, after my Grandpa Everett. Grandpa went by Bubs most of his life. The nickname came when he was an infant and blew impressive spit bubbles, his family started calling him bubbles, then just bubs. Our Everett can produce enough bubbles that it looks like he is foaming at the mouth! Amelia and Phillip just adore Everett. The poor kid has snot crusties all over his head from loving Phillip kisses. He sleeps amazingly well, especially at night. He usually goes to sleep around 9:30, has a night feeding at 10:45, then wakes up around 5 am for a snack, he wakes up around 8 am! He is not a great napper. He takes a 20-30 minute cat nap around 9:30 then a 10 minute nap around 12:30 then naps for 2 hours from 2-4, lastly a 20 minute nap after dinner. It is strange to have a kid who naps short amounts of time all the time. I am still working out the logistics of sharing a room with two napping kids. Everett naps in his crib, then in my arms, then in the bean bag, then crib, etc. At least he is learning how to be flexible.

Since his last monthly update Everett finally learned how to put weight on his legs! I pulled out the jumperoo 10 days ago and he caught on to putting pressure on his legs after a couple days. It is so much easier to play games with him now! He is a bit wobbly when sitting in the bumbo chair. He does this funny little circle wobble then centers with a comical "boing" move. Enjoy some photos of Everett cuddling with his new monkey friend and a new silly hat.