17 March 2010

Happy St Patty's Day

Team Green
Phillip's newest onesie, inspired by Courtenay Lance

Green is about the most luscious color ever. To have a holiday steeped in the color green is perfect for me. We did not really do anything special except wear green and watch Darby O'Gill. The kids and I went visiting teaching this morning and afternoon to Potter. The weather was PerfecTo, topping out at 71 degrees. Too bad snow is forecasted for Friday. We visited Stacey in the library courtyard. Amelia found a stick and commenced to prance and flit about like a little butterfly singing her own songs. I loved her carefree demonstration!

Monday I finally went to the dentist after a whole year (gasp). Ahhhh, my teeth are scraped and clean, so nice. Amelia and I spent the rest of the day deep cleaning the first floor. She loves to spray and wipe any surface. The Siler family came over for FHE. Sister Siler is Amelia's nursery leader. We had a fun little lesson on Alma and the seed parable, planted some flower seeds, then made pudding "dirt" cups for dessert. The kids were kind enough to ohh and ahh over my extensive rock collection. We enjoyed getting to know the Siler family a little better.

Yesterday and today we had some fun friend time. Tuesday Ella, Parker, and Brynn came over to play "rice" with Amelia. We ended up painting, putting together puzzles, and enjoying yummy snacks as well. Amelia and Ella both had fairy wings on while playing with rice. I finished making one of those popular headband things that are all the rage in Utah. Maybe a photo will show up one day. Not sure it looks good on me yet. Ella came over this morning for another play session. Amelia is bossy and Ella tattles...the talking is never ending much to my delight.

I failed to mention last week that Justin and I have an awesome reason to celebrate: we paid off my car, greyskull, two years and two months early! Now we can really start to save for Justin's forthcoming truck. Honestly, his truck may turn into a family vehicle...we will see. The only debt we have is my dang student loan, which has such a low interest rate that paying it off can wait; and our home. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Following the prophet's advice to live simply and avoid debt is hard; the return of being free from debt is sooooo worth the sacrifice.