02 January 2012

We Welcome 2012

The amazing Olive Wood Statue Dad and Mom gave us for Christmas

Saturday we had a very strong weather system rip through our area. Wind gusts reached a nasty 60+ mph. The wind was so strong it woke me up when it started during the night. Around 11:30 the temperature dropped bringing on a full blown blizzard for about 30 minutes. Justin and some guys from our ward were helping a family move during all the wind and snow. Yuck! Neleigh came over to watch the kids so Justin and I could have lunch together. We lunched at Mi Ranchita on delicious Mexican food.

The Gull family hosted a rockin' party to welcome in the New Year. Ok, not rockin', but ever so fun. I brought cupcakes and lime tarts. Five other families kicked in other delicious snack foods. Goodness we dined on some excellent snacks. Alison made an amazing spinach dip, Alaina a delicious sausage dip, and Carly some tortilla rolls. Phillip spent about half the time glued to the food table. Within 30 minutes he found a dry erase marker (he was headed toward the wall), tried to feed the dog and himself some dog food, detached some wall art, and spilled a full cup of soda. I'd say he was pretty tame! Justin took him into the basement where the toys kept him amused in a better environment. All the ladies stayed upstairs to talk and listen. It's been a while since I last chatted and listened like that. So fun! We lasted until 11 pm. The kids were in bed before midnight. We stayed up just for kicks to welcome in the new year.

We made it through another Sunday, intact and not too stressed out. Amelia likes her new CTR teacher. I actually got to attend Relief Society! Other than that our day was pretty normal.

Today we felt the need to get out of dodge. After much consideration we drove to Cheyenne. We had lunch at Toyoko Bowl, a decent sushi bar. So delicious. We went to Home Depot for a new bathroom cabinet. Then Target for training underwear and a couch table.

I am going to attempt potty training with Phillip. He chose Thomas and Toy Story underpants. I chose a bathroom cabinet. Justin installed it and now my makeup, meds, and nail polish are out of reach. I will rest easier knowing he can't permenantly destroy something or make a royal mess as easily. The lower sink cabinets will soon have better child proof hardware. He wore his new underwear this evening for a couple hours. He peed twice on the floor. Once he actually pees in the potty we might make some progress. Once he earns a potty treat progress will go super fast. LOL. We invested in a sofa table/desk to put under the new TV for the DVD player and satellite equipement. Hopefully little fingers won't touch it as often now that it is 14 inches higher.


Get to bed earlier (11 pm)
Finish reading the Old Testament
Get Amelia prepared for Kindergarden
Prepare more activities for Phillip to direct his energies

Happy for Seven Years, NO ITCH

This post is 3 days late. I had good intentions to post an anniversary entry with wedding photos and sappy poetry. Instead we had a real day with an awesome experience at a wedding reception. Justin and I cannot believe that 7 years have flown by already. In 7 more years we will have an 11 year old Amelia and probably still be in Sidney...HAPPY. Strange but comforting. Our favorite memories are pretty silly. Most involve strange dreams (like when I dreamed about having twin boys). Justin sent me some gorgeous yellow roses! After 7 years he finally got my favorite flower right! YES!!!! I could imagine the flower store clerk writing down the card message: I love you more than and fat kid loves cake...Love, Justin. She probably shook her head at the strange sentence. It made me smile and remember our dating period.

We spent our wedding anniversary surrounded by our cute little family and our amazing ward members. David and Nicole were married in Utah before Christmas. Their family hosted a wedding reception Friday evening. Their decorations were similar to ours with trees and lights. The aura of love and laughter so reminicent of our wedding day. It was a perfect evening. I got to take photos of the reception for the bride and groom. We had a lot of help with our kids from Natalie and Rose. At one point I had Everett in the front pack but he was so excited that I could not steady my camera. Rose toted him around for quite a while. I loved the hot chocolate and cookie bar! Amelia and Phillip were ever so excited to meet a real live Princess. They wanted to get married to each other and suggested that Everett could marry baby Dani at the same time. Amelia's favorite part was the dancing. She was in raptures watching the bride and groom dancing their first dance. Justin danced with Amelia, melt me! My favorite was when Justin bribed Ella to dance with Phillip for an entire dollar. Phillip had the funniest adoring look on his face. Finally, Justin and I had a turn on the dance floor for a moment of bliss.
I can't wait for the next 7 years! Should be a fun and exciting adventure. Love you Justin!