14 September 2014


We survived 5 nights and 6 days without Justin around. He left after dinner on Sunday for Denver and returned home late Friday night. I am not sure what I am allowed to write about so will just leave that box of smelly stuff tied up for now. We are glad to have Justin home. It was a long hard, but totally survivable week. I could be a single mom if required but much rather prefer having my best friend around to share the fun. Sister Anderson totally saved my bacon this week by taking Amelia to school each morning. That helped out so much. Bedtime is the hardest time since all the kids go to sleep at the same time. It was hard to nurse Evelyn, get snacks, brush teeth, read scriptures, sing to the kids, snuggle Phillip, and keep everyone in bed. Evelyn decided that sleeping at night and naps were so passe. She cried for 4-5 hours Sunday-Thursday nights. I would go in every so often to snuggle her but she just wanted to play. Sleep training is not one of my favorite past times.

Karma totally bit me in the bum Monday evening. I spent most of the day working to clean the house, finish laundry, and get my preschool lessons prepped and planned. During dinner I realized that the boys were really quiet. I peeked into their room to find a huge pile of mess. The boys were jumping on Everett's bed that turned into a jail. Their closet was ripped apart. Phillip told me they were playing DUMP and JAIL. I almost hyperventilated thinking about everything else I needed to get done before I went to bed. At the same time I flashed back to Jana and I playing "House and McDonalds." A very fun game that included throwing everything (including our mattresses, clothes, toys, books, shoes, and ourselves) into a pile and jumping on it. The game often took hours because we were confined to our room until our game was cleaned up. Did we learn? Nope, my mom finally reduced our belongings to one outfit a piece, sheet, blanket, and mattress. We still played. I felt a smidgen of the panic my dear mom must have felt.

Amelia started a new year of ballet with Ms Margaret at Dance Steps Studio. She is very excited to dance another year. We love our experience so far, we must since this is the 4th year! 

Tuesday and Thursday Everett hosted JOY SCHOOL at our home! We started the rotation with a grand bang. I blogged about what we did on the joy school blog. Everett was so excited to have five entire friends over to play. The first day was so exciting the kids could hardly sit for more than a second. It was a smidgen of chaos! The second day was much better. Not sure if the rain and cold seeped into their little bodies, but it was a much calmer day.

Tuesday I got to meet the author of Becoming Lady Lockwood by Jennifer Moore. Evelyn Hornbarger knows her, Jennifer saw that Evelyn was hosting a book group so she up and drove from Utah to Nebraska for our little group. We all felt very honored. It was a fun, relaxing evening with a great bunch of ladies. Wednesday was hectic with all the kids with me at YW. I taught our lone Beehive on the basics of painting flowers.

We got a blast of winter Thursday evening, temps plummeted to 32 degrees and the clouds dropped a measure of snow on our area. I am not sure how my garden survived. I was sure my tomatoes were lost for the season. It looks like my garden will stay alive for a couple more weeks. I am so sad that my tomatoes are not ripening. I have terrible luck getting more than a couple tomatoes. Friday my new VT companion, Emily, and I went to visit the Betony family. Phillip ran out of the van as soon as we arrived to play with his best bud Jimmy. He absolutely loves grandpa Jimmy. We also VT Marcia, who is from Brazil of all places. She was not home this time around. I am very excited to get to know Marcia better.

The kids used parts of Evelyn's high chair to create band instruments. Amelia was on French horn, Everett played the trumpet, and Phillip played the tuba. I love their imaginations! We made a batch of chocolate chip cookies for Justin's return and to thank Sis Anderson for picking up Mia. He showed up as we left to deliver the cookies. Justin got a very warm welcome home!

Saturday Justin finally found some skirt steak at Walmart. He spent a part of the afternoon assembling his charcoal grill. We all enjoyed family time in the yard. Justin grilled up a perfect skirt steak on the new grill. It was delish.

**Monday Phillip gave Evelyn rug burn on her forehead by pulling her across the carpet by her feet.
***Thursday Evelyn tumbled down the basement stairs and landed on a stool. She has two nasty bruises and a surface cut from the tumble.
****Evelyn can pull herself up to stand on any object that is taller than a foot. She loves the new mobility. She takes a couple steps with her walking toy. She went from stationary to completely mobile in less than a month. so not fair.
*****I cut off her mullet last night, an entire inch of straggly hair from the back.