30 September 2008

What To Do With Mailers

I HATE getting mailers and empty fluffy mail with no meaning to me. Today we made a new use for the trice weekly mailers...Amelia and I sat on the floor crumpling paper, rolling around in it, and throwing it in the air. Soon Justin entered the fray and showered Amelia with brightly colored sheets of paper. Amelia was laughing so hard!! It was an irresistible moment in time!

I am feeling a bit stressed out trying to get everything in order for our trip to Jordan. I scheduled 2 photo session this week (my fault, I know), got a hair cut, went to Walmart, and hashed out plans to train someone how to make Bows and Headbands for our Relief Society super Saturday next week. When I signed up to teach a class I had not yet booked our trip to Jordan. Plus I am still trying to finish passing out my photography fliers around the neighborhood. It takes a long time because I try to meet each person that gets a flier. This afternoon Kristalyn and her son Taylor came over. Miekka and Jacob were also here working on Jacob's Halloween costume. I made Taylor a super cute football costume. His dad has dreamed of his son's first Halloween costume for who knows how long. Fun times. In the next couple of days I have a cub scout meeting, den meeting, another photo shoot, photo editing, packing, probably more shopping, more fliers, and training someone on hair bows, plus trying to be spiritually prepared for General Conference. I am going to bed!!!