25 January 2010

Phillip is 5 Months Old

I nearly missed posting this on the 25th of this month! I am sewing a skirt for my niece but am having a hard time getting it right. I tore out all the seams twice and partial seams at least 8 times. Geesh! Alison came over to help me take pictures of Phillip. Before she came I sewed together a sling that he could sit in. It needs some help but over all the effect is pretty fun. I only had time to edit one so one will have to do for tonight.

Phillip...what a fun little boy. He greets you with a constant smile and squeals. Last week he started singing near the end of his nursing time, much to my amusement. His toes are always covered with socks so he has not really discovered his toes yet. His favorite activities are jumping, squealing, singing to his toys, sucking his fingers, and slobbering. He loves mommy and is mostly amused by Amelia. Daddy is a favorite when he is around. Phillip can get out of his swaddle faster than a jack rabbit, even when safety pinned in! He is getting chubby and is working on growing more hair than daddy. Tomorrow he will get his 4 mth immunizations. I hope we can avoid a cold this time. RSV is going through the town. Maybe I will think of more stuff to add when I post more pictures from this photo shoot. Night!!!