27 February 2011

The BOY is 18 Months Old

Woozers, time is flying! Phillip is now 18 months old as of February 25th. Our little Phillip is one jolly fellow. Since his first birthday these are some of his accomplishments and traits:

weighs 25 lbs
can walk/run
is still fascinated with the bathroom (brushing teeth, cleans the potty with anything he can find, loves baths, washing hands, squirting beauty products, etc)
Can say mommy, daddy, Amelia, Ella, ba-ba, five, monkey, shoe, coat, no, snack, etc
He gets what he wants/needs by pointing, grunting, and stomping around
Loves to push chairs around and see what is going on
Is quite the reader, he can imitate a sheep sound, monkey call, and a roar. He refuses to try any other noises at this time
Loves him some good food
Sleeps pretty well
Loves to play with Amelia, recently learned how to hit her back
Can imitate a gorilla
Acts manly whenever Justin comes home
Loves to wear his coat and be outside digging in the dirt
Tries to dance with Justin's grace and rhythm
Makes silly faces
Grew 8 lovely teeth, working on his molars
Has cute chubby hands and feet
Waves bye-bye and blows kisses that sound more like slapping his face
Throws away his diapers...and a lot of other items
Nursery eligible!!! He did very well last week and this week, only crying 15 minutes or less. YES!

**on another note:
I enjoyed a wonderful Friday and Saturday. Alison watched my kiddos for a couple hours on Friday while I went VT. The snow was super slick so getting out to Potter was a little adventure. Megan's little daughter, Stella, knows the proper names for many dinosaurs and animals. She wants to be a paleontologist when she grows up...yah...she is FOUR.

Saturday I had a Stake Primary training in Cheyenne. Justin stayed home with the kids from 9:30 am until 6:15 pm! He said they had fun eating at McD's, browsing Cabela's, and doing the laundry. Ella came over for the last half of the day since Alison also had a stake meeting. I rode with Becky, our Primary President. We did a little shopping at a kid's consignment store, Michael's, and Hobby Lobby. The meeting turned out to be a lovely luncheon. All the ladies were treated with yummy soups and bread bowls, an amazing salad, and cream puffs. The presidencies were invited to share a favorite scripture and part of our vision for this year. This was the first time I left Justin with the kids for more than an hour or two since before Phillip was born. I feel recharged to have some me/adult time once in a while.

**the kids slept MUCH better this week. I feel almost normal. Both kids slept through the night twice and the other nights only woke up 1-2 times. Ahhhh, what a good night of sleep can do.