01 July 2009

Feeling Blah

I feel stuck in the blahs right now. All day I've felt really tired and blah-ey. Someone come pull me out!!!! LOL. In order to cheer myself up I decided to take pictures of my recent craftiness for baby Voldy-mort. While in Utah I made my first rag quilt. It is actually pretty small, only 32x32. It is meant to use in the carseat, stroller, or bassinet. It still needs more washing to rag the edges but you get the general idea. Next I sewed two light swaddling blankets, just 44x44 inches of flannel bound with bias tape. These are the perfect size for swaddling up to 9 months old. During the winter I can put a heavier blanket of use one of Grandma Jean's really cute double thick blankets. I bought one burp cloth at a sewing store to use as a template. I tend to like the really long and wide cloths because if this baby is as gassy as Amelia we will need it! So far I've sewed together 8 but only edged 4. A good friend made a trip to Cheyenne today and promised to pick up some more colored crochet thread! My coup-de-gras was trying out a new pattern for a carseat blanket. I picked up some matching cloth for my current carseat in Utah. Pretty much the blanket is just 44x32 inches of double thick fabric, rounded corners, with velroed tabs on top to attach the blanket to the handle. It will be nice during the windy winters to keep the baby nice and protected. Yesterday I also made a new clip for Amelia's hat/hair on the 4th of July. Pictures pending the holiday!! In the works I am working on a crocheted blanket, boy hats, more burpies, and boy appliqued shirts. Stay tuned for more craftiness.

BTW: check out my cousin Jessica's blog...she is cranking out some really cute stuff and doing miracles with her blog. She has yummy recipes, a tutorial, and even drawings. She is certainly more motivated than I am at this stage of life!!!

Amelia and Ella are having some good times MTW mornings. They discovered how to turn on the water. I left them outside for a moment and came back to buck naked girls frolicking in the water. I put diapers back on and let them at it. They filled cups and buckets with water for over an hour. It is so nice to have another child in the same discovery mode as Amelia. One day they both filled bowls, lids, buckets, etc with rocks using small shovels. Another day the mail lady showed them how to "mail" a letter. I made about 6 phony envelopes stuffed with real estate fliers for them to mail. The mail box is attached to the garage. Each side has a stool so the girls can reach inside the box or open the mail slot. Mia LOVES playing mail. It is so interesting to watch them so eager to transfer items from one location to another. I think this stage is actually called transference play. Mia is learning how to share and Ella loves to push her buttons. Ella follows me around like a hungry hound dog whenever I go into the kitchen. She loves nothing more than a snack or lemonade. Ella is also teaching Mia how to mumble...Mia is helping Ella to talk more clearly.

Recently, in about the past month Amelia has taken up singing. She sings songs taught to her in nursery, the songs we sing before sleepy times, play songs, and educational songs. Her favorite time to sing is in the car. Most times when we get back from an errand she chooses to sit in her chair for an extra 5-10 minutes to finish her songs. I love, love that our little girl loves to sing. She even can carry a tune! What a wonder she is. Her speech is so clear it is astounding. Strangers even understand her, mostly only parents understand kids at this age. She reminds me of my niece Reagan; her speech was very advanced and very clear.

We have narrowed down our home choices to two contenders. I will include the links so you can take a look if you wish. The main contender is a cute home on King Street. The major attraction for Justin is a detached 2 car garage out back. I am satisfied because it has enough basement room for a crafty room and possible studio. The bedrooms are medium-sized. This home does need some work. The previous owner LOVED burning candles. The living room ceiling is blackened from all the smoke; most of the home smells like a sentsy candle. I wonder if she dealt candles....lol. Our other concern about this home is that the bathroom might leak. Only a home inspection will tell us if this is serious or not. The owner plans on painting the whole house, we will ask for carpet allowance and fridge replacement. The lady's boy set fire to a grocery list on the fridge so it has a large burn mark on the front. The other home is larger but the lot is much smaller. It is pretty much move in ready. Maybe we will make an offer this week on one of them!!!

Contender 1

Contender 2