26 July 2009

Thanks With Franks

This past weekend was pretty busy! I watched all four Haley kids while Matt was finishing Scout Camp and Alison went to Denver to run in a 10k. Our adventure started around noon Friday. I had a nasty persistent headache all day. Mia and Ella took naps then we filled up the girl's kiddie pools and enjoyed some fun on the Haley's lawn. I got the boys a pack of water balloons. Even the girls had a blast with the balloons. They stuffed their purses with the balloons then threw them until the balloons broke. Once Justin got off work we fed the kids some pizza and he fixed Drew's bike. Justin took the boys to see a movie...G-Force? My head hurt too bad to sit in a theater. It rained a bit than the clouds put on a spectacular display along with a gorgeous sunset. The girls played some more then I gave them a bubble bath with princess bubbles. That was very exciting! Alison's kids are so easy to put to bed! I had time to look over my Sunday lesson and read my newest book, Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief.

Saturday Mia and I had a stolen moment alone. She found some purple chapstick. I discovered her crouched over my hand mirror muttering, "I so pretty!" with chapstick smeared all over her lips and cheeks. I love the picture of her big eyes.

Around 10:30 we put the girls in strollers and walked downtown with Drew and Brayden. Sidney hosted a sidewalk party to promote the small businesses in the downtown area. Each business had something outside on the sidewalks to sell and percentages off inside their stores. There was even a small Farmer's Market! The kids all got little air brushed tattoos on their hands or arms. Ella and Mia both got little butterflies on their hands. We walked back home to pick up Morley, who went to shoot hoops at the fitness center. Then walked back to eat hot dogs, watermelon, cookies, and chips for lunch. It seemed that about a quarter of the town showed up for the free meal. We all had a fun time seeing people we know and enjoying a hot dog feast. On the walk home Morley got his tattoo. Justin organized a kid's race while we waited to amuse everyone.

Matt got home around 1:30! We all took a nice afternoon nap. Justin surprised me by suggesting a trip to rifle through our stuff after dinner. He found the baby swing, bouncer, boppy pillow, Amelia's hair clips, gender neutral baby clothes, and some photography stuff I wanted. I even found my stash of yarn! Our trip was so successful we celebrated with ice cream from DQ.

Last night Matt made some fresh doughnuts from biscuit dough, fried, and dipped in sugar. Yum! Then we sat around a fire and roast marshmallows. It is awesome to have good friends nearby; makes living and moving here to Sidney much more enjoyable.