28 June 2009

Enjoyable Weekend

I had a Dr appt on Thursday morning. Ella and Amelia went with me and were very well behaved. The Dr looked in Amelia's ears to see if the ear wax issue was resolved; her ear looked much better. The baby and I are looking well so far. I am still dealing with numerous contractions and recently my "pelvic floor" feels very sore and at times a lot of pressure. By the end of the day standing is nearly out of the question! I spent some time on the floor cutting out blankets and burpies for the baby which did a real number on my body. So strange not to be able to do normal activities.

Friday morning I made an uber cute car seat blanket that attaches to the seat handle. It was really easy to whip up! One day soon I will get some pictures up once I make a trip to the storage unit to get the car seat. My new "wing" needle works miracles. I sewed together 8 burp clothes and have 4 with crocheted edges already. We found our DVD stash in storage so I watched Nacho Libre Friday night while crocheting a couple burp cloths. Some teenagers started a fight around 10:30 pm down the street. I barreled out of our house to diffuse the situation. They ran in fright at the sight of my pregnant belly and of course a threat to call the police. Little whipper snappers did stand a chance.

I think it was Wednesday evening we had a really freakish rain storm. The wind was blowing so hard it was easy to imagine a tornado ripping down the street. The next day our pool, bucket, and several small toys were all gone with the wind. Bummer!!! Friday we had another strong storm cell come through around 5:30 pm. Good thing I love all the changing weather.

Friday was also the day we accepted the offer on our house!! Yippee!! It is not the best but considering how much we lowered the price and the market refusal seemed insane. We hope to make an offer on a house sometime within the next 10 days, contigent on the closing of our home. There are several we are looking at two strong candidates with a couple more homes to see before we make a decision. Justin lulled me into thinking we were settling on a cheaper home ($120s) but once the offer was made only wanted to seriously consider homes above $160s. Little stinker. If I have to go back to work it will be because of my budgeting problems. We can make a house at that price work but I don't really want to since financial flexibility is more important than a nice, newer home.

Saturday the ward's canning order arrived. We spent an hour at the church canning our measly six cans (I prefer buckets) and helping clean up. I am excited to finally have enough wheat, rice, beans, and flour on hand. Afterwards, we drove down to Sterling, CO to get the oil in my car changed and see if the Walmart there had buckets. They had buckets but only 4 lids. We spent an hour browsing Walmart while waiting for our car. On the way home we stopped at Sonic during their happy hour and ordered Limeades...can you say super yummy? I got a cranberry limeade which was totally delish. Once at home Amelia helped me wash the car, after the Utah trip and Sterling trip the front hood resembled a bug graveyard. Alison watched Amelia while Justin and I watched Transformers II. It was a good action flick, implying poor conversation but awesome effects.

I taught lesson 24 for Gospel Doctrine, "Be Not Deceived, but Continue in Steadfastness." It was a good topic and hard to contain in 45 minutes. Justin also taught a lesson in Elder's Quorum. This evening we took an enjoyable ride around Sidney looking at potential homes.

There are also several videos now on YouTube taken in the past month or so. Here are the links:

Eating ice cream with Call Cousins

Ride Em Cowgirl

Amelia singing "Clean up, Clean up"

Amelia singing ABCs and take two

Amelia singing "I am a Child of God"

Chocolate Popsicle Face