10 November 2009


Yowzeers! I hate getting my kids immunized. The look of terror and pain is nearly more than my heart can take. Combined with the propaganda about the ingredients in immunizations that can cause numerous brain and health issues getting immunizations is a hard choice to make. Having lived in foreign countries I think the risk of immunizations is a hair better than not...just a hair! I've agonized over this issue with Amelia and now again with Phillip. Both of my kids seem too alert and bright to be susceptible for autism, I hope and pray they will not be burdened with that. If they do end up turning autistic then the fault is mine. Talk about a hard choice. Mia was so happy so be at the hospital where Phillip was born. She was skipping up and down the hall greeting all the kids and parents. Then came the shots. I think her howl was heard clear to the end of town. My ear drum still aches. Phillip already has a fever and wanted cuddles more than usual. I love cuddly days.

Amelia helped me paint some six inch wooden letters spelling her name and Phillip's name for their room. She was so excited I actually gave her brush and paint. Mostly she painted the cardboard box. We had a fun time together. Yesterday she also helped me make curtains for her room and the baby's room. I bought some sheets and made custom hangings because the windows are odd sized. For custom panels at JC Penny they wanted $50-$70 per panel. I made due with a $4 sheet! Soon I will have pictures to post. The house is one room shy of being done with the major stuff.

This evening we had a cooking class at Sister Mason's home. Two ladies showed us cake decorating tips, one with fondant and the other with piped frosting. Phillip had all the ladies wrapped around his totally cute smile. He actually laughed at me after being passed around and finally got back to me. He was excited to see me! What a fun little guy. This morning I overheard Amelia crooning to Phillip saying. "Goodness sake, It's all right, what do you need? Some boobies? What about a binky? Oh, you are so cute, come here little guy...." on and on using all the little phrases I use (except for the booby phrase).