10 January 2010


Didn't really have any new pictures to share after the insanely cute ones of Phillip. The pictures above are a bit of a let down! My little camera (with video) is having major issues. It was never the same after getting dropped from the twisty slide at the park. My favorite lens is also having issues focusing. I will start teaching piano lessons the first week of February to earn a little money to buy a lens and small camera. I am excited to start teaching again! So far 6 kids from our ward are signed up. Alison will probably let me watch Ella again since her newest babysitter had to go back to work at Cabelas.

Justin is very busy with work. He added another 6 hours to his already full work week on Saturday. Justin stayed with the kids Saturday morning so I could attend a RS function. The RS here has a little "contest" to read the conference Ensign from cover to cover within 3 months after conference. Those who read are rewarded with a fun little breakfast and conference quiz. I was in heaven being out of the house and alone for a couple hours.

I am a BIT crabby lately. This diet, exercise, and lack of sleep is hard to deal with. Poor Justin is getting the short end of the stick! He bought me a shirt from Cabelas on Friday. I did not even have the heart to be excited about the shirt. It was my favorite green but striped and button-down. He was very thoughtful. My mom knows from long experience that buying clothes for me is about the worst thing. She struck out nearly every time.

We are studying the Old Testament this year in Sunday School. I am VERY excited! The lesson today ended up being awesome due to the member's participation. I love how the spirit can take a dinky lesson and turn it into an amazing experience. The spirit was there several times testifying about our role(s) in the premortal existence.