20 August 2009

3 is the name of the GAME

Well, it seems this week is focusing on threes! I made 3 cute outfits, 3 matching hats (not shown), worked with the realtor 3 times, and went from a 4 to a 3 dilation. How that is possible is beyond me!

I went in to the Dr on Monday because all weekend I had pretty consistent contractions. The Dr said I was dilated to a 4 and 90% effaced still. So I started crafting up a storm because sitting on the floor seemed to induce labor. Tuesday night I was having pretty intense labor while making the Halloween outfit. I nearly took myself in because I felt so nauseous and yucky, but decided to drink some water and rest on the couch. Luckily, the outfit was completed...but my labor stopped. Today the Dr said I was dilated to a 3 and 50% effaced. I wanted to punch something in frustration. He scheduled an induction for August 25th at 7 am if nothing happens before then. At least we might be able to keep with the theme of birthdays on multiples of 5 (mine is the 5th, Justin's the 15th, and Mia is the 25th). All day today I felt depressed and out of sorts! The last week or so is very uncomfortable. My ribs feel like they are bruised and other parts are exploding with bouts of pain.

We heard back from the Newton house owner on Friday. He countered our offer with a high counter. We discussed the matter and decided to counter with a mid-range offer, taking into account window replacement, new flooring in kitchen and bathroom (both are carpeted), and a new fridge. He came back with pretty much the same counter. We decided it was not a good investment to spend the amount he wanted and still get out of the home in five years or so. This whole process is so frustrating. Justin emailed a classified ad today for a decked out van...our option C is to live down by the river in a van. We are not sure on our next plan of action.

To brighten my mood a bit I received a fun birthday present from my friend Catherine. She sent me a dress pattern for Amelia to try out! I can't wait to cut some fabric, once I get my hands on three matching fabrics. Justin also ordered me a new black puffy coat for winter. I adore my green one but it gets dirty too quickly when kids are involved. Thanks guys for timely thoughtfulness! I am also very excited that the crib set for baby Call is on the way. I chose the Cocalo line, Monkey Business. I've surfed eBay for weeks now and finally found a 14 piece set that was used in a model home for a year. What luck, used but not really. I saved about 65% of the total cost had I bought it new. Yippee!