05 December 2011

Flower Class

About a month ago I had the brilliant to teach a community class on how to make fabric flowers. My intent was to teach some very interested ladies how to make their own accessories instead of me making them. Time invested was actually quite minimal. I went to Cheyenne for a Hobby Lobby run. After that I only spent a couple hours cutting fabric, dividing the doo dads, and setting up. Twelve ladies signed up, with one cancellation. Another 15 wanted to come but had other appointments. I rented a Go! Baby Cutter early Thursday morning. Amelia helped me cut silk fabric into circles and flower shapes during nap time.

I was in a mad dash to set up the tables, chairs, and supplies. Justin did not get home until 5:20. That left me barely 30 minutes to get everything ready. We learned how to make gathered jersey flowers, singed silk flowers, stocking headbands, felt flowers, and rolled fabric flowers. The ladies went home with 6-7 flowers and supplies to make a few more! Some ladies had never threaded a needle or worked a glue gun. I enjoyed helping out. Watching newbies work a sewing machine was pretty fun...reminded me of teaching someone to drive a stick shift vehicle. Thanks to Kelly Sudduth for letting me use her studio space. The ladies fired me on the beverage front. I only provided water, most wanted stiffer stuff! It was an opportunity to explain some about being a Latter-Day Saint.

Justin survived the evening with all 3 kids alone. The house was still standing, the kids in bed, and in pjs. Thanks for letting me play!