13 January 2014

Red to Blue, Turquoise to be exact

I had a great week! I love creating change in our home. Makes me happy! Amelia returned to school on Tuesday. The kids and I took down all the Christmas decorations on Monday. Phillip was so sad that Christmas was over. He wanted to put the tree back up and do Christmas again. Since the living room was in disarray I decided it was a great time to paint the accent walls. I've love to report that painting only took a couple hours. Sadly, it took me three days to paint and the living room is still a mess. Seemed like I worked all week but have only walls and a partially decorated mantle shelf to vouch for my hard work. A couple more days and this project will be over. Since I was making messes I also cleaned out the pantry, spice cupboards, and the fish tank.

Monday evening for FHE we made a few family goals for the year 2014. Amelia is very enthusiastic about goal making. She made several goals throughout the week like reading all the Junie B Jones series, reminding us about the FHE treat, and saying personal prayers. These are the goals we made as a family:
*Hold weekly FHE (we slack off and do lame-o activities most of the time)
-Make a responsibility board
-Make a year-long FHE calendar
*Go on a family trip/excursion once per month
*Visit the temple 3 times this year (once while visiting our family in Ft Collins, once in Utah, and once when the YW watch the kids)
*Improve family scripture and prayer reverence
*Share the gospel with an individual or family who will listen to the Missionary Discussions
*Teach the kids simple chores they can earn a small allowance when completed

We feel very excited and fulfilled with the goals. They are all achievable and the kids are excited about most of the goals.

Thursday Phillip went to story time dressed as Bumblebee the Transformer. He wore his HUGE helmet that makes him look like a bobble head. All the mommies and library workers tittered behind hands and smiled...me too! I love that kid. Everett and I played Zingo for 30 min while Phillip was in story time. I need some new books to read! Nothing on the Young Adult shelves remotely interested me. Seems all the new books are about fractured societies (like the Hunger Games). Folks, it is getting old.  

Friday I made it out of the house for some shopping at Salvation Army, the Rummage house, and the French Door. I found some cute items with turquoise to add on my shelves: a globe (love it), a bird cage, a vase, a bird house, 3 birds, and a frame. I am on a mission to find a couple new storage baskets and candles. Wish me luck. We are working on tummy time with Evelyn now that she can lift her huge noggin. She seems to enjoy it for 5 minutes or less. I got out the jumperoo this afternoon. She was so excited about all the new toys! For about a month Evelyn did not talk much. She finally started cooing, giggling, and making silly noises the past couple of days. Justin wondered if she was so busy discovering her hands and toes that using her voice was just too much. We gladly welcome her opinion back into our home. Her cute hedgehog PJs made us seriously consider getting a pygmy hedgehog. A new pet is still on the discussion table. How cute would a hedgehog be? Just kill me now. I made a leap and signed up to try the Medifast weight loss program. I will try it for 2 months and see if I can at least shed the nursing weight and get back to where I was a year ago. I don't want anything drastic that I cannot maintain, mostly just want to feel healthy again. My mentor is Mary Kim, a friend who lives in Utah. I am honestly feeling bummed about changing habits...or scared. It is easy to fall into unhealthy eating and rationalization. Here's to losing 10-15 pounds. Hooray.

Saturday was AWESOME. Justin installed our new screen door. It is pretty nifty with a one-hand screen release and a floor-level hydraulic arm. Justin spent 6 hours and two trips to the hardware store to install the door. While he worked I repainted the fireplace shelves and decorated the mantle. Phillip brought me a rock from the garden saying it was Rock-o. I drew a silly face much to his delight. The kids made a train out of two saw horses then had me draw faces on 8 more rocks. Endless imagination and play! Amelia is quite bossy. This is what I overheard: "Phillip. Say, I am going to marry a prince on my train." Phillip then repeats. If he deviates he has to repeat it correctly. Phillip loves to add in silly noises and nonsense words much to Amelia's annoyance. Everett repeats what Phillip says. This morning I caught Phillip coaching Everett words he needed to say for their game of Hammer and Daddy fork. Nothing gives me more pleasure then my kids using their brains! I got a bushel of tomatoes as part of Bountiful Baskets this week. I might try making sun-dried tomatoes this time around.

Sunday after church Justin, Evelyn and I drove out to Cheyenne for dinner with the Stake President, his wife, and all the High Counselors and wives. I think there were about 22 couples total. The drive out was heavenly. Quiet. I think Justin sensed my need for silence. Pure heaven to just sit and think of nothing as the scenery whizzed by. Wind made the drive a bit sketchy. On the way home we listed places to visit this year and in the future. Our list includes a lot of camping! We might invest in that super cool camper after all. The Jones family watched the older 3 kids. It was like a 6 hour date for us! Awesome.