20 October 2008

Crash and Burn

We spent three hours shopping this morning at two different grocery stores. Phew...that was exhausting. At the second store were small grocery carts for kids. Amelia was absolutely delighted! She pushed that cart all over the store. The best part was going up and down a ramp between the dry goods and refrigerated section. The carts have all four wheels that turn 360 degrees. It makes for some gnarley steering. She'd get half way up the ramp and the front wheels would turn the cart back down the ramp, pulling her swiftly back down the ramp. This was the best game. Her little cart was filled with cheerios and bananas!

At home I fed her macaroni and cheese. She usually sits at the counter/bar on a high stool, the stool is not high enough so we use a four inch pan as a booster seat. I was washing my hands when she decided she was finished eating and tried to get off the stool herself. Poor thing did a flying dive right onto the marble floor. She split open her chin and chipped her left tooth. I don't think we will need to get stitches. I could see the bone but it seemed to close up nicely with a bandaid. Geepers! I felt so bad for her.

I made hamburgers for dinner. Jeremy turned on the grill for me 10 minutes before I went out to cook the burgers. The grill was engulfed in flames by the time I got outside. He turned the gas burners on high. I guess there was some grease residue from the cowboy dinner still on the grill's lid that ignited. The teflon covering completely burned off and all the plastic knobs melted. The little thermometer read 700 degree. Exciting day!!