07 October 2011

Drool Monkey

Everett is producing mass amounts of drool lately. This week he started stuffing three fingers into his mouth. His clothes are usually wet down to his navel within an hour of getting dry clothes on. Sometimes he dries out during his afternoon nap too. I don't see any tooth buds so he must be enjoying the discovery of his hands and fingers. My new favorite thing he does is growling at his toes while in the carseat. He started wearing shoes which is terribly exciting. He loves to talk to his shoes and taste them!

Yarn Fest


Been having some fun with the yarn lately. Made 7 hats in less than 5 days! Three of them looked sorta funny so ended up reworking the bottom halves (Phillip's monkey hat, the pumpkin, and one of the bluebird ones) after taking photos. Phillip was so excited to hold Everett for the hat photos. He loves his brother!

My cousin's wife, Denise Adams, sent me four gorgeous headbands earlier this week. Wednesday and Thursday I spent some time whipping up 8 of these beauties during naps. I love me a fast and easy project. I only wish I had more amazing fabric! Each flower and band are a little different. They look pretty cute on Amelia too and on me when my hair is pulled back into a messy bun. Thanks for the inspiration. I took some ideas from this tutorial to make them. The headbands are about half the width from the tutorial since skinnier looks best on little girls and in curly hair. Last night I finished the last shirt in my stock for Everett. My inspiration came from Courtenay's love of argyle. After I finished the applique part the shirt seemed to be missing some pizzazz...so I sewed around the button enclosure and collar with a messy edge. I love how it looks!!

I had to laugh after conference was finished. Amelia took some of my acrylic yarn with my permission to cut and cut lengths of yarn. She stayed busy for an entire hour cutting yarn. She cut about 20 oz of yarn! It was a mess but that is how they learn right? I love to crochet and watch conference. Balm to my soul.


Justin often calls Phillip "DMB" or Dirty Monkey Boy. Pretty apt considering his current doings. It seems this week was rather difficult. My kitchen is cleaned about twice a day but it still has fingerprints everywhere, small bits of food stuck here and there, sticky patches on the floor, and etc. I feel overwhelmed by all the little details that are not cleaned. Yet, I know that as soon as I clean my sidekick will help put it back. These are SOME of the highlights this week ala Phillip:

I am learning important things like:
*It is best to wait an hour or more to clean up shredded cheese, spaghetti, noodles, ramen, etc because then you can sweep it
*When I hear a chair or bench moving it is time to book it into the kitchen
*Chortling sounds from the bathroom is not a good sign
*Phillip responds best to root knockers, me saying no is not heeded in the slightest
*How to laugh inside and be stern at the same time
*The true meaning of "Duuuuuuude!" and "Oh Man!"
*I am Mother to one amazing little boy. He is so delightful and curious.

Please laugh over the chart above because I am. Everyday is an adventure. Most of the time his mischief is because I am not paying attention to him. He loves to help clean up his messes for the time being. I also know why I feel so exhausted by the end of the day! LOL.