30 July 2017

Showing Off Our House

We finally got a couple more house showings this week. Tuesday while driving to the lake for a much needed rest our agent called me to schedule a showing for Wednesday and another on Friday. I was a bit worried about getting the house in order with all my little helpers doing their jobs. The kids helped me pick up the basement clutter than I deep cleaned that after they went to bed. I am so grateful to the Mortensen's for coming over to help and Sister Jones. In just a couple hours we cleaned the upstairs until it could pass inspection. Jeremee helped me weed the rocks and remove some dead plants. I left with the kids soon after everyone left so the house would not get cluttered again. We ate lunch at McD, went to the bank, visited the library, and went swimming for the rest of the day. Keeping the house clean for two more days until Friday turned me into a mean, stressed mess of a mom. We had to stay out of our house from 11 until after 4 pm on Friday. Poor Amelia caught the stomach flu (probably the same ailment Josie had at the fair) and ran a fever all day. I felt so bad carting her around when she was sick. That day we went to Subway for lunch, spent some time at the park, and sorted through my storage unit.

Monday afternoon Amelia had a long playdate with Katelyn. I worked on editing the newborn session from the prior week. Amelia taught our lesson on Pioneer Day. She told the story "Saving the Wheat" an accounting of the grasshoppers eaten by seagulls in answer to the Saint's prayers. Phillip wanted to play "Pirate May I!" Captain, captain may I cross the wide seven seas! I had a good time with the fun pirate versions. Like usual the game soon devolved into tears and frustration as the kids wanted to each win fairly. Fairness seems to be a curse for our young children. Amelia had a full on cry fest because she did not get a turn when she wanted it.

Tuesday we spent a lovely, relaxing afternoon at Lake Bridgeport with lots of friends. Alison and Ella came, the Christiansen's, the Godard's, the Campos', and the Relerford's all came for the afternoon. We got to the lake first so enjoyed some quiet time swimming before the rest came. Justin found a good deal on a fridge so he made arrangements to purchase and make the delivery arrangements. I found a microwave on sale Thursday night. We are slowly gearing up for the next phase of our move. Josie and Aria spent a good amount of time playing near each other. Josie was quite please Aria had eyes, lips, and hands just like she does. Aria endured the poking with her usual serious aplomb. Phillip went off with Lane to catch fish with a bucket and net! Boys and their ideas. As mentioned above we spent the rest of the evening cleaning up the basement.

I had three last photo sessions this week, Thursday I photographed Mrs Cheyenne County and her husband. Ylana is from South Africa! I loved her accent. Her husband works in the big game department at the Cabela's game center. Josie was quite content to sit in her stroller eating snacks and sipping on apple juice. She does very well as long as I am in her sight line. Jenn Relerford came along to shadow me on the session. She is learning to manipulate her camera in manual mode, wanted hands-on during a session. The kids got to go night swimming with Sister Jones while I worked. Friday I photographed the Hrbeks again, this time with Grandma and all her grandkids, minus one. Phillip, Everett, Evelyn, and Josie all came along for the session. The kids love to explore the "deep forest." Evelyn had to poo, and would do so before we left home. As expected she had to go right during the session. I popped a pull up on her and set her loose into the wild. She was quite embarrassed, rightly so! Kathi Charles shadowed me this time. She is another local upcoming photographer with lots of studio experience. She came over Monday night to learn editing in LightRoom and PhotoShop. I love meeting all these talented ladies in our town. Feels like I can hand my reigns over and get all "my" customers taken care of. Saturday afternoon I finally got the Davis twins in front of my camera. Their mom passed away almost 2 years ago, the girls were alone with their deceased mom for about 48 hours. Grandma and Grandpa fought for adoptive custody for over 18 months. The biological dad wanted the girls solely for their social security benefits. I am glad the girls are with their grandparents. Both are thriving and making amazing strides in spite of their health and mental setbacks. Evelyn made two new friends! She loved their Princess Poppy shirts.

Thursday morning we spent the morning at the park. Outside was so balmy and nice. The MOPS ladies were also there so the kids had lots of playmates. Afterward we ate lunch at school for the last time. After naps we went to Dairy Queen. The owners are a new LDS in our ward. They hosted a large party with bounce houses, Princess Poppy, Minions, and Sidney Cheerleaders for the Children's Miracle Network. The kids enjoyed the bounce houses. One Bounce attraction was a bungee cord thing attached to a vest. You run as far as you can and the cord bounces you back. The cheerleaders and Amelia made poor progress. I was confident in my skills to out pace them all. Indeed, I won...until the cord snapped me back. My head cracked into the carabiner clip giving me a mild concussion, a large goose egg, and a bruised ego. At least I beat them all. LOL. We quenched our thirst with sodas and ice cream cones.

Since the weather was so temperate this week I finally went over to my storage unit and sorted props again. I was able to sell the steamer trunk, half my baskets, blankets, and various other props. Once I get the truck back I will move all those items over to our garage in preparation for the movers. Josie was my helper at the unit. The rest of the kids went swimming on Wednesday while I worked. Josie found a forgotten lollipop! She crooned over her treat and made the most adorable sounds as she enjoyed her treat. I even heard her say thank you a few times!

Nan scheduled the same couple to come back and look at our home Friday at 11 am. She sounded upset about it, gosh...I am not upset at all! Thank goodness the house was clean and ready to show. She said both couples seem interested but won't have an answer anytime soon. Guess we are back to finding a renter.

All the kids came down with the runs this week. We had lots of leakage accidents, thus more laundry. Amelia woke up Thursday night to vomit several times. She slept in my bed so Everett would not be disturbed. I caught her bug on Saturday. It was a nasty, powerful 24 hour stomach flu. I hope the rest of the kids just stay with the diarrhea part. At least three of us had the stomach flu part, hoping the rest either get it fast or don't at all. With the move coming this weekend and next week I hope barf is not part of the menu. I felt like train hit me Saturday. Making dinner was a joke. I was so dizzy and close to passing out while I attempted to warm up cold mashed potatoes, open cans of soup/spaghetti O's/oranges, and passing out food. After an hour of extreme dizziness I finally puked my guts out for the 4th time and felt much better. Thankfully, this morning (Sunday) I felt much better, able to drink and eat a bit.

Phillip lost his other side tooth! The tooth fairy came that night, prompt as can be. She seems to be rather flaky most of the time. This tooth came out on it's own while he wiggled it! I am glad the drama was absent this time.