20 February 2013

New "Genes"


It is official! We are expecting number four around the 3rd of September. Hooray!!! I am about 12 weeks along today. I had my first prenatal visit today. Ended up getting an ultrasound because the Dr could not find a heartbeat. It was comforting to see the little bean wiggling around and doing just fine. We told the kids today as well. Amelia was so excited! I told her about morning sickness, all the "sickness" finally made sense to her. She is very excited. She wants to name a girl Victoria and a boy Justin. Yesterday we took the above photos of the kids. I guess we keep it real around here. The one nice photo is actually a composite of three photos (of course). The captures of Phillip and Everett is so real. Phillip is constantly pestering Everett somehow and crying because of his attentions. Phillip is totally oblivious to Everett's anguish. Yes, Phillip also has tasty feet, he also licks the bottoms of his shoes. We do not need a dog for a very long while.

Some insights of the First Trimester:
"humm, this still tastes good"
Phillip spitting in the sink while I barf in the toilet
Getting Influenza and having Morning Sickness is not fun at all
Amelia: Mom is running again, oh man, she only made it to the sink. Gross.
Craving green olives all the time
Walking into stinky Safeway (with a shopping bag just in case) and using it within the first two seconds. It smells like moth balls and old fried chicken.
Phillip: mom, go take a nap, I watch TV (dang it, I get so tired)
Not being able to take a full drink of water for 2 months is so stinky. I had to drink flavored water by the sip fulls.
My throat bleeding from barfing so much
Taking both Zofran and Phenegren only to have the nausea at bay, only barfing 4-5 times a day instead of 10-15.
Having a total aversion to Coke now, my first bout of nausea was after drinking a Coca-cola. Blessing and curse at the same time!

If I could skip the first trimester I would. It totally stinks. Though the past two months as I endured the harder parts I remember the two miscarriages and tried to be grateful for being sick. Sickness was a good indicator that finally we were blessed with a sticky baby. We are so excited to add number four to our party. I wish we could keep adding more kids. My poor body is tired and I am not sure how many more I can endure. For now this is our last little one. I might HAVE to take up newborn photography just to get a baby fix.