27 November 2011

Six Months Old


Everett reached the ripe old age of six months yesterday. He is one happy, squishy, gurgly, snuggly little guy. This month:

He started eating solid foods. He is eating two meals a day now and loving apples and rice cereal.
He will roll over from tummy to back if wiggling enough.
Will sit for about four minutes by himself when legs are spread apart.
Gives amazing kisses.
Is chewing on everything (teething?) and a huge drool monster.
Giggles at Amelia and Phillip.
Talks to us with little shrieks, rapsberries, cooing, and ohhh's.
Can spot me from across a room.
Grasps toys with lightening speed.
Is close to wearing 12 month clothing and is in size three diapers already.
Gets daily diaper changes from his big brother...and adjusting his digestion of solid food.

Charity, Kenny, Libby, Mason, and Reagan can attest that this little guy will steal your heart with his first coo and "melt in your arms" hug. I cannot believe he is 6 months old. The most exciting development for me is that he can now have Ibuprophen, much more effective and long-lasting.

**more updates tomorrow after his 6 mth well-baby appt.

Day After Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving was awesome until about 7 pm when the nausea and headaches suddenly hit me. I was ultra tired all day but attributed that to being on my feet cooking. Not fun. Charity and I spent a long night between resting and making good use of the bathroom. The next day I got a short nap but no real rest. The gang decided to go to Chimney Rock and Scottsbluff. They were going to leave Libby with Everett and I but I did not want Libby to miss the trip. Thankfully, most of the action was over but the residual tiredness and nausea plagued me. The visitor's center is usually open on holiday weekends....they were two years ago. This year no such luck. We drove up to the vista and admired the rock from afar then meandered around the cemetery. Mason would sell his soul for some good Chinese food. We had a good Chinese restaurant in mind! I ordered a medium hot and sour soup. Goodness it was like a medium pot of soup, more than three people could ever eat. After lunch we braved Target on Black Friday just for kicks.

Reagan caught the bug Friday night. Justin caught it Saturday. I am anxiously waiting for the kids to start pooping and hurling all over the place. Still the James family decided to try for home once Reagan stopped feeling so nauseous. About 30 minutes after they left their new vehicle broke down. They bought it on Monday. Terrible luck. Of course all the Ford dealerships were closed or unable to help until Monday morning. We found a guy in town who tried to look at it but the closed transmission prohibited him from even checking to see where the engine was leaking. Their new car is in Sterling until it gets looked at and repaired. They drove our Toyota back to SLC with sick kids and sore hearts. My heart goes out to them, literally...it hurts knowing how tight things are for them. Kenny will drive our car back here next week to trade back with their hopefully fixed car.

Not five minutes after they left I found Phillip in the bathroom (grrrrr) painting his face and hands with fingernail polish while trying to lick Kaopectate (anti-diarrheal) off the counter and floor. Needless to say he has not had diarrhea. Phillip learned how to give Thumbs Up last week. It is funny when he gives you a thumbs up instead of talking. Justin helped me drag out the Christmas stuff from the attic. Amelia and I decorated the tree during nap time. I really want to change my tree colors but nostalgia prevents me every year. I love dragging out the same decorations and memories we've created over the past 7 years. Seeing all the handmade snowflakes made by Tanta Jo, the blue and silver decorations from our wedding, and other ornaments collected over the years just makes me smile. Amelia hung a silver bird on our tree and exclaimed, " Mom, look! It looks so flighty!" She even decorated her room with blue beads. I am just waiting to find Phillip on top of the tree. We seriously considered hanging the tree this year from the ceiling.

Today we are home from church still feeling grody and tired. Hopefully we'll feel better tomorrow. The James family made it home safely. I did not write done my blessings in the last post:

I am thankful for:
my wonderful, beautiful little family. My supportive and loving husband. Amelia, Phillip, and Everett
the amazing gospel of Jesus Christ
membership in the true church
health and strength
visiting family
Justin's job and my little hobbies
my parents and my siblings
patience (grown larger this year by one active little boy).