15 April 2012

The Color Pink


We all have pink eye thanks to the amount of boogers in our household. The thought is rather disgusting! Justin came down with it first around Monday evening. Phillip next on Friday. Now me on Sunday. Everett and Amelia have the precursor large eye boogers and squinty eyes. Tuesday morning I caught Phillip trying to sniff Justin's eye allergy drops...up his nose. Justin caught pink eye before that but witnessing Phillip shoving a supposedly sterile eye dropper up his nose brought sanitary to a whole new level.

In addition to eye goopers we all have major sniffles and snuffles. I've NEVER had allergies this horrible before. Folks are saying the strange weather is to blame. Wednesday I was so miserable I tried to snort saline solution like my dad does out of a cup to irrigate my sinuses. The water went behind my eye drum causing a nasty ear infection to boot. Today I feel about as worse as ever. Dang it. I am eating a very healthy diet of veggies, fruits, whole grains, protein, etc.

It actually rained this weekend! The kids enjoyed stomping in the puddles for a couple minutes. The water was pretty cold so the fun only lasted about 5 minutes. Amelia went out first and stomped in the puddles along the north side of our home since the traffic is considerably less. By the time I joined her with Phillip and Everett quite a crowd of folks gathered across the street to watch her! She loved the attention.

Enjoy some photos of Phillip and Amelia's new room. Everett's room is cleaned out and functional...even some what decorated. I need to work on the curtains, painting, and a couple more wall treatments. He loves sleeping unswaddled. He lays right down holds tightly to his kitty or monkey binky and rolls right over to sleep. Warms my mommy heart to the core.

Tomorrow we will be the proud owners of a new-to-us truck. Justin found a Ford F-150 for a decent price and in reasonable condition. He is very excited to FINALLY own a truck. I am excited to get the pile of sticks out of our side yard! Wahoo! Other than that I've sewn quite a bit the last week: Mia's birthday outfit, Mickey Mouse shirts for the kids, three bonnets (for photo props), and have three more skirts waiting for my machine. Love it. I helped Kelly Sudduth Photography with two newborn baby girl photo sessions. Both baby girls were incredibly sleepy, which is rare. I had one photo session on Saturday with a cute little 6 month old girl named Evelyn. Made me pine for one more little baby girl in our family.