15 June 2012

Posing Lessons at Bountiful Park

We took it easy on Wednesday. Charity had a Dr appointment early in the morning. Melissa came down to take her. Libby and I tended the kids, made lunch, and got ready for swimming. Charity was dog-tired by the time she got home. The rest of us headed to the pool for a couple hours. I forgot the pool key in my crochet bag so had to drive back down to Taylorsville and get it. Amelia was cold so spent more time lounging in a pool chair than in the water. Phillip had fun in the kiddie pool. Everett is becoming a true water baby. That kid is happy as a lark splashing about. I watched all the kids but two while Melissa and Jonathon went shopping after the pool. We enjoyed a pizza dinner and salad. Sarah, Bridger, and Kenna met us at Bountiful Park, mostly so Sarah and I could chat. Amelia showed off some posing moves to Kenna. She was not a believer at first. Eventually she learned how to kick her hip. So funny. We tried two places for some ice cream, it was a hot commodity so there was little ice cream to be found. We had to settle on McD milkshakes. Sarah, love you girl! It was fun to hang out in the town where we lived WAY back then. 

Day in Cache Valley


Tuesday we made a trek up to Cache Valley. I dropped off Libby, Mason, Reagan, and Amelia at Aunt Raquel's home. I hear the kids had a fun time playing outside and with each other. Amelia remembers staying with her cousin Emma last year. She was excited to play! Phillip, Everett and I went to visit Grandma Baerwaldt, Aunt Darcy, and my cousin Sarah. Grandma let me take some photos of her (FINALLY). Sarah dragged a chair outside across the street. The horses were in a mood for pictures too. They posed right along with Grandma and the kids. Grandma wanted a photo with the present grandkids. She has a special bond with Phillip. As a newborn, Phillip made eye contact with Grandma and talked with her right off. Plus, little Bailey is staying with Grandma too. That baby girl just loves her great-grandma. Last time I did not get any naked photos of Bailey so we took some since she was in a great mood. Everett joined in the naked fest. The boys and I drove back to Smithfield for hot dogs with Raquel and kids. We went to a nearby park so the kids could play. I took family photos for Scot and Raquel. Shoot, little Emma and Elijah are cute little ones. Their blue eyes will knock your socks off. Our long drive home was, well long. A stop at Sonic for ice cream helped! 

Sno Cones

Everett is pretty funny with his new motor skills. He cracks us up scooting every where. His legs are all chafed from the carpet so I put on some baby legs to protect his chubby calves. He has awesome ab muscles now! We rounded out our stay with the Lances with sno cones for FHE. Amelia cracked me up! She walked towards me while I took some photos. Once she reached her "spot" she struck a pose. She is now offering posing lessons. The sno cones were delish. I ordered a coconut cream that tasted divine. On the drive back up to Mom's home, Phillip fell asleep (at 7:30). I stopped at the Carter's store to see if they carried Sunday best for boys, they did. He he. Right next door was a fun store, Crazy 8. Sale! Scored another matching set of Sunday wear for the boys, clearance winter clothes for Amelia, and a fun pair of sparkly blue shoes for Amelia. The entire time poor Phillip was crying because I woke him up. As I carried him he peed on me. I smelled like pee and had a large wet spot on my shirt. He taught me a reminder lesson that shopping with kids is so NOT fun. We drove home to the tunes of Mary Poppins. I love that my kids adore that movie.