01 August 2011

Seth's 8th Birthday!!


Seth is 8 years old. I cannot believe he is 8 already. I held that little dude when he was a tiny baby. Justin and I met when he was barely sitting as a bump on the floor. Seth hosted a ninja party for some friends. Miekka made an amazing cake from a design Seth dreamed up. The kids and I were a bit late for the party since we had to pick up my wedding ring (cleaned and maintained), my camera, and get Everett a stuffed monkey. The kids made ninja head bands with symbols from the Lego Ninjago line. Then went and played with Legos on a blanket Miekka set out. Miekka organized several games for the kids: throwing chinese stars into a bowl, transfer Legos with chopsticks from one bowl to another, learn ninja moves on the tramp, and ninja hide/seek. Seth said it was the best party ever.

James gave Seth his first pocket knife before he went to work. He warned Miekka that Seth would get a cut before the day was over. Yep! He nicked his thumb before the family party. Seth was super brave not crying one single tear. The Henderson family (Miekka's family) came over with pizza for dinner to celebrate. I played with Dad's expensive wide angle lens during the party. Wow, it is a cool lens! I love how much it captures with little to no distortion. James and Miekka have an amazing view from their backyard.

Destined to be Blue

Finally had a chance to put one of my babies in this onesie my Mom got for us a few years ago. He looks a little confused! To quote Amelia: "Go Big Y U"

Lily Pad


Wednesday we took the kids to the splash pad near Miekka's home. Courtenay and little Everett joined us for the occasion. Poor Everett decided to explore a hot iron earning badges of courage on his little legs and feet right before they came over. Courtenay worked fast and treated his burns. We all walked over to the splash pad. Amelia decided lily pad was a better name instead of splash pad. The bigger kids rode scooters. Amelia looked so funny riding her scooter. Her little tutu bum was all over the place as she scooted. Everett was so hungry that I nursed him while we walked. That is a feat worth trying.

The weather was perfect! Clear but not hot with a mild breeze. Phillip decided he does not like getting splashed. He spent more time exploring other folks belongings. We pretty much only saw the kids when they got cold, hungry, or needed the bathroom. Everett Lance did not let his owies hold him back. He was crawling all over the place! Way to go little man. We headed back home for lunch and naps. Miekka slaved in the kitchen making chicken tika masala for dinner. Mom, Dad, Jared, Jana, John, Court, Everett, and Jeff all came over for dinner. We watched the movie "Red" afterwards. That is one funny movie!