24 March 2013

Why Are Those New Shoes? Yes, yes they are!

After Justin spoiled me last Saturday with 5 new pairs of shoes, we added two more pairs to my collection. I am in LOVE with my new bright and happy shoes. Talk about spring time on my feet. Justin even got himself a dapper pair of shoes and new snappy socks. Guess our feet are happy now! We finally bit a bullet (not sure which bullet) and got a tablet device. We settled on the iPad since I have the iPhone already. It is pretty awesome. Every day Phillip and I work on the alphabet song and recognizing the first few letters. We've worked on the same ones for months now with little success. With the iPad he is learning much faster than I was able to reach him. I found a cool game called endless ABC. So far we love it!
Monday the boys and I were about to leave for Peetz for Visiting Teaching when my doorbell rang. It was Sister Betony (one of the ladies we were to visit). She said her daughter wanted some newborn photos for her new baby. I raced into the basement and grabbed some stuff then told Nora we would meet them back in Peetz. Sometimes impromptu sessions are amazing. Little 5.5 week old Catalina was so adorable with her darker skin and head of hair. She is half Navajo and half Apache, her mom brought a blanket handmade for her when she was born.
The weather turned cold again (pout). Sidney was rewarded with rain and snow this week. We really need the moisture. When Phillip feels cold air and shivers he often says: "Mom, I jiggle!" Wednesday the boys and I went to my 16 wk prenatal visit. The baby sounds good. I can feel it moving around sometimes. My lower back started aching this week. Finally went to the chiropractor on Friday. It is feeling a bit better but still sore. We are getting ready for the Pine Wood Derby this coming Wednesday. The boys are very excited. Everett said Phillip's name quite clearly during Webelos. Cute!
I helped Candice and Kelly this week with newborn sessions. I love helping! The boys also get a chance to play with other kids for a while. Saturday Kelly offered Easter mini sessions. I already had plans to drag out my stuff but Kelly had baby chicks and ducks. She invited us over for a time slot. It was awesome. The kids behaved perfectly and were enthralled with the animals. That was worth 30 minutes of our time. I took the images home and edited them. Talk about a perfect trade. I found Amelia's dress at the consignment store on Thursday. Walmart luckily had white polos for the boys. Simple and cute! Now we just need to get ready for our Utah trip come Thursday afternoon. I plan on prepping the kitchen cabinets (removing and washing the doors, and taping) on Wednesday. Hopefully, I can maintain the chaos on Thursday while I pack with all the cupboard doors removed. Should prove interesting. I also *hope* Justin will paint the doors while I am gone. I thought this trip was the perfect time get the project done since the kids will be gone and the kitchen would need to be in disarray for a week. Wish us luck! Justin WILL have time to go scout for turkeys on Saturday as well.

***newflash: Amelia has her first loose tooth! Her right bottom tooth is wiggly! She is beyond excited now that she is grown up.