02 November 2009

Trick or Treating

Mom? Why do you have me in this get up again?
Watcha Doin'?

Fairy Spins

Aw, that's my girl

Taking a pensive moment to regroup for more pictures

The two little sidekicks

My trunk: I stuffed my trunk with packing paper and hid the candy inside

My little girl all grown up!

Mommy in her fancy new crocheted hat...so stylin'

Trick or Treating this year was super fun! Amelia quickly caught on to the idea of walking up to a house and getting candy. With the help of Ella and her brothers she soon braved the walk herself. Amelia and Ella were so cute hopping along chattering about candy. Justin manned the stroller with Phillip and I walked with Amelia. The Haley's grand/parents are visiting so enjoyed watching the kids race about. Mia took to calling them grandpa and grandma too! Fortunately the weather was very mild in the 60's with no breeze. Once the sun set it did chill a bit. We took the kids to the local rest home to visit with the older folks. It was late so there were only a couple people still in the foyer. She made a cute fairy. I discovered her hair is long enough to wear a single ponytail...which she tolerates better than two. Our little girl is getting so big.

Our primary hosted a Halloween carnival and Trunk or Treat at noon. It was the perfect time for us! We played games, ate lunch, took pictures, then let the kids get candy, all before nap time. One of the prizes Amelia won was a mouth whistle thingy...she blows on it constantly much to my amusement. I know where she is!

On further note, I am struggling with Amelia lately. She is acting very whiny and fake cries ALL the time. It is super difficult not to get mad and engage her. However, ignoring her does not seem to work either. I've tried giving her more attention, ignoring, engaging her, and time out. None of these interventions seem to work. Hopefully, she will snap out of this little funk soon...I can't stand all the crying and wailing. She also started to talk with this silly whiny lisp about the time we moved in. Holy smokes, it is hard to stand that too because we know she can talk very clearly. When I ask her to use her normal voice (I demonstrate), she remonstrates with tears and tantrums. I just need to remember "This too shall pass"!!

Phillip continues to be a champ sleeper, eater, burper, and pooper. He actively plays with the toys over his bouncy chair and can often be found squealing with delight. I will post some belated videos very soon of his insane cuteness.

I started organizing my craft room today. All my little doo dads are back on shelves or in drawers neatly organized. I can't wait to work on a project! Justin put one shelf into the storage room so I can start putting the food storage away. Little by little we are making progress. While moving the boxes around in the storage room I finally found the last box of living room decorations! Now I can finish that room. The upstairs is pretty much completed as far as stuff unpacked and put away. Most of the pictures are hung and decorations up. After the basement is finished (hopefully by Friday) the next step is the little minor details like curtains that fit, custom decorations for the kid rooms, and etc. The end is in sight! Hooray! My goal is to be done by Thanksgiving when we bless Phillip. John and Court are coming plus whoever else can make it. I am also suffering from spray paint fumes due to painting Amelia's nightstand plus a myriad of items.

We tried to get our family pictures taken on Sunday out at the Webb's farm. I took the Haley's pictures first. By the time our turn came Justin and Amelia were not cooperative, and Phillip was starving. Dang it! The lighting was perfect. Guess we will have to do another session. I am very proud to note that we started holding FHE on a regular basis. It was just not happening on Monday nights so we moved it to Sunday. Give us props for having FHE for a month now!