09 June 2012

Sunday Dinner


We roasted up a turkey for Sunday Dinner. It was pretty yummy!!! I invited Aunt Jana to come up and visit for dinner. Aunt Melissa and crew also came over for dinner. The cousins had a blast! Charity was so glad to be home. She got out of bed several times by herself with the help of a walker and fancy back brace. Wahoo! She was not able to do that while at the care center. Jana brought her evil chocolate chip cookies. Snarfed. Yep, those cookies were snarfed up in seconds. Jana wanted more cute photos of another killer outfit. She just bought the outfit and all the matching jewelry last week (or something). Dang. Pass the outfit to me once I can fit into your skirt size. I am not so sure about those elevator shoes. I'd break my neck walking in those shoes with Phillip pulling on my shirt, Amelia riding my legs, and Everett on my hip. Amelia came as an accessory. She had to use the bathroom during the session. I looked over to find her half naked peeing on her skirt in the weeds. Blush.

Pool Rats


We are totally loving the amenities available in Charity's housing development. The weather is cycling through cooler temps then hot temps. The weekend weather was really hot. For the last day of school celebration the kids opted to spend the afternoon/evening at the pool and splash pad. I think Amelia and Reagan about sprouted mermaid tails again. Poor Phillip scraped the skin of all his toe pads from the abrasive kiddie pool floor. Even Everett enjoyed some pool time. He cannot help but splash. It is pretty funny. I crocheted two blankets, two hats, and a headband while watching the kids play. Amelia and Everett got new swimming suits. Amelia really loves her Hello Kitty one. Everett looked dog-i-licious in his trunks and swim shirt. Pretty darn cute. Libby was busy attending two parties after school. 

The last day of school also coincided with the day Charity came home from the hospital.  Her two day hospital stay turned into three weeks and four days. She was so, so happy to finally be at home. I am sure she felt like all that time was lost and gone. Amelia spent a lot of the day keeping Charity company in her bed. It was pretty cute. She asked Charity why her skin was so white and flaky. LOL. 

Saturday my amazing friends, the Taylor family, came up to go swimming with us. Kate jumped into the big pool before putting on floaties. Catherine jumped in fully clothed to save her. Too bad the other adults in the pool were bozos and unresponsive. Amelia and Kate were once again buddies from birth. Ahhh! So satisfying. Everett can do the yoga move, the plank, like a champ! I also got some cute photos of him playing with his birthday present.