11 January 2012

Under the Weather


Gotta love this temper tamtrum from Little Everett

The anatomy of discovering an object with one's mouth

Sucking in that adorable bottom lip...sigh, sooooo cute

It feels like Friday instead of Wednesday. We are sporting some nasty colds here at the Call home. I have a nasty sinus infection and headaches, Justin is getting a sinus infection, Phillip is spurting snot and boogers all over, and to top it off Amelia and Everett got immunized yesterday. Everett is a ball of frustration and sadness. His sad/mad face is ever so endearing even when he is screaming bloody murder.

I was so proud of Amelia. She knew the shots were coming so put on her big girl pants and locked up her courage. She did not cry, rather pursed up her lips during the shots. Her eyes watered up a bit giving me some "almost going to cry" looks. She put on her ice packs and walked away like a big girl. We went to the dollar store for a small craft for her courage.

Friday I scored a big wheels bike at the local consignment store. Amelia and Phillip love it! Amelia loves how fast she can pedal. Hearing the rhythm of those plastic Big Wheels on the pavement sends me back to childhood. Watching the kids enjoy that bike gives me pleasure! The best part was that my consignment credit covered the cost completely. Whaoo. Phillip took a spill off his trike attempting to grab his fire fighter helmet that fell off his head. He scraped his little nose pretty hard on the sidewalk. While attending to Phillip's nose, Everett decided to flip out of my grip off the bathroom counter onto the floor spread eagle. It was not a fun day! We are feeling a bit better today, except Everett.

A couple weeks ago a power outage thanks to a wind storm fried the Mother Board on my old computer. We really want to get all our DVDs on the computer like the James Lance family has. So, we got a newer computer for media purposes and for Amelia's reading program (Rusty and Rosy). It came today in the mail! The ironic thing is the new computer is practically the same as my computer save the raid drives; the new one was half the price.

I am going to offer Valentine's Day mini-sessions this year for those interested. Never done that before because most photographers I know say it is not worth the time or money. Still they all do it. So mark your calendars for January 28th!

Sidney is having a nice blizzard today. I brought in the play slide for the kids to get their energy out. I showed Phillip how to race cars down the slide and let him play while Mia was at preschool. Today, Phillip insisted on wearing his "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" shirt from the Eric Carle book. He loves that book much like my brother Jared did. Jared could recite the book at a very young age. Phillip's other favorite book is "Commotion in the Ocean" by Andre Giles. He shies away from the shark, stings his finger on the ray, and toothily smiles at the whale. I read that book about 6 times each day.