29 November 2009

Enjoying Family

We really enjoyed having family here in SIDNEY for Thanksgiving. The drive is long through Wyoming, almost discouraging. John, Courtenay, and Joe all persevered and made it here for a fun visit. Friday we piled into our cars after lunch with the intent to visit Chimney Rock. The visitor center was closed (bummer), but Justin found the lookout so we got a good look at the monument from a different angle. Next to the lookout is a small pioneer dated cemetery. There was a Murdoch buried there...wonder if she is related? The drive was too long to just take a look and go back home so we drove another 20 minutes to the Scottsbluff National Park. The ranger said we could drive or walk to the top, yah, we drove! Once at the top the wind became pretty stiff and a bit chilly. Poor Phillip was soaked through from spitting up and lost a sock. I was a little worried about him getting too cold. We all walked the two trails around the bluff. Due to the lighting conditions I was able to practice my silhouette skills. That was super fun for me. Walking around after gorging ourselves the day before felt awesome, plus the company was not too shabby. Court still was not feeling well so was not her usual bubbly self. Justin and I felt the tug of Sonic Limeade's, we just had to make a stop since we were only 5 minutes away. John, Court, and I played Rook that evening. John beat us more than once. He is turning into Miekka: NEVER play games with Miekka because she always wins. More pie and fresh whipped cream ended our evening.

Saturday the men folk arose early to go blast prairie dogs with Matt Haley and his boys. Justin said they'd be home by noon. By now I know better than to believe that yarn, especially with Matt at the wheel. They got back home after 4 pm. Sometimes I really hate being left behind. I am an action gal, loving to be in the thick of it. Instead I deep cleaned the kitchen and dining room, did laundry, worked on the garage, and vacuumed. All while listening to Christmas music? Naw, I like to listen to "rap" while I clean. Courtenay took a lot of naps, played with Mia, and snuggled with Phillip. She even re-made Mia's bow board with matching fabric for her room. It is so cute. Mrs Martha (me) made turkey and rice soup with hot Lion House rolls for dinner. Alison and I went to see New Moon at 7 pm. Phillip came with me for the first little while. After nursing him at 7:30 Justin came and picked him up. Awwww, so nice to have some "me" time. The gang was watching a movie at home. John and Court obliged me with a game of Rummikub, my favorite game.

Phillip's blessing day was today. We decided to squeeze it in since John and Joe were visiting. Phillip looked so cute in his little white outfit. Justin gave him an amazing blessing. He blessed him to remember his ancestral names, to serve a mission, to continue to have a calm personality, to marry in the temple, and blessed him with our love and appreciation. After the blessing Phillip talked to Justin for about 10 minutes, telling him about the blessing and heaven. I am sure his name sakes were there and Phillip was trying to tell us they were in attendance. What a sweet little boy. This evening we made a good start on setting up Christmas decorations for FHE.

Mia said a couple funny things while the Lances were visiting. She told Justin to "keep your pants on" when he asked her to do something. I will add the other tidbits later since I can't remember.